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Latest Blog Posts for The Blue Oracle

  • 10 Calories Per Pound? It Sounds Close Enough...
    on Mar 9, 2010 in Musings
    I recently (yesterday) figured out how to embed videos into my blogs. I have 2, because I, well, I just do. Go to the other one to see my alter ego... (I know I contradict myself by having an 'all-you-can-cook' blog and a 'watch-what-you-eat blog...o...
  • I Just Do Stuff Like This
    on Mar 8, 2010 in Musings
    I wore my heart rate monitor during my house cleaning, car washing, steam cleaning of the inside of the car, pulling weeds, and frisbee with the doggy and hubby today. Guess how much I burned? 750 extra calories. Burned. In one day. Just living. Yep.
  • And There You Go
    on Mar 8, 2010 in Motivation
    It's Not Some Ancient Chinese Secret, People. 1. Start by doing a food journal. Write down EVERYTHING you put in your mouth for a week. Add it up each day for a grand total. Google "food journal" under google images and you'll find a thousand free te...
  • Summary--Nike is My Favorite
    on Mar 6, 2010 in Products I've Tried
    Reviewing running shoes is totally pointless. In case you don't know, feet are totally unique to each person so are shoes. I'm so picky about my shoes. I practically live in Nike's and have for 20 years. I wear them everyday, with everything. But, so...
  • Continuing the MediocrityIn the spirit of stealing other peoples' reporting, here's a great link to an ABC7News video on a Lifehacker page about why you are being suckered by every company that can get away with it in regards to healthier-sounding food labels.In other news,...
  • This is What I Do in My Free Time...Lord, I'm a DORK...
    on Mar 4, 2010 in Musings
    I've been especially interested in finding relatively credible evidence that weather and season affects mood. I have been affected more dramatically than I've ever noticed before this winter. I'm never one to just lay on the couch and veg, but I've f...
  • "Tumor in a Can" Hahahaha!
    on Mar 4, 2010 in Musings
    Well, to run with the theme of "bad food" as in a previous post from my blogging partner, here is a somewhat funny read. Funny, in that there are those who love extremes. I imagine this was written by a guy with grotesquely overdone muscles with vein...
  • You Gonna Eat That?It's no secret french fries are pretty bad for you, and they have that bet-you-can't-eat-just-one factor to boot. Even so, this was eye opening, particularly the Chili's Texas Cheese fries (where, not too long ago, I sold them to customers) which hav...
  • I'm Seeing the Results of Doing Nothing...
    on Mar 3, 2010 in Musings
    It's been absolutely miserable outside for so long. It is beginning to seem like a perpetual winter and for here, that's weird. We are usually able to grill out and be outdoors rather comfortably, even in January. This is more of what most everyone w...
  • Tidbit of Motivation
    on Mar 2, 2010 in Motivation
    Here is a tiny piece of motivation for all you moms out there that struggle with juggling it all. Just like me.
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