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Latest Blog Posts for Economic Policy & Life

  • Why Mankiw is wrong, and so is Krugman…
    on Jan 30, 2012 in General Economics International
    After a long period of letting things slide, this fascinating discussion on taxes compels me to get involved. Not for lack of quality contribution to the discussion – the best of the best have spoken, but because the discussion seems to be focused...
  • Why interest rates will rise... And inflation too.
    on Oct 24, 2011
    It's policy time again and as usual, speculation about the RBI's stance later today is more than rife. Some commentators feel that the RBI has hiked rates enough. Others feel that more hikes are warranted as inflation continues to remain at ridiculou...
  • An update and some links
    on Apr 6, 2011
    Hey all, Its been a hell of a long time since I last wrote and that’s probably because its been a while since I actually read real world economics and not a text book.  And while I was tempted to write about what I was learning, it always turn...
  • Rejoice for Egypt; Lament for India
    on Feb 11, 2011 in General Interest
    So after 18 days of protest, Egypt is free from a dictator who ruled for 30 years. Its time for Egypt to rejoice, despite the uncertainty of how the Army will behave in coming days. But this event only makes the situation in India worthier of a lamen...
  • Apologies and an update...
    on Oct 28, 2010 in General Interest
    Firstly, my apologies for having been delinquent over the last couple of months... It wasn't intentional, but then again, that isn't an excuse. The fact of the matter is, that after a lot of thinking, I reached a really difficult and in some ways, h...
  • Is the RBI just another regulator?Following Dr. Subbarao’s speech which strove to position the RBI as the only choice for a coordinating regulator, comes this speech from Rakesh Mohan, a former Deputy Governor. Another memorial lecture was hijacked by a blatantly political agenda,...
  • More links for August 18, 2010
    on Aug 18, 2010 in Links
      Ben Bernanke: Wall Street's Servant – Dean Baker, Huffington Post A ‘Fat Cat’ Strikes Back – Newsweek: For someone who benefitted from a lower-than-lax regulatory environment under Republican rule, its not surprising that Steve Schwarz...
  • Links for August 18, 2010
    on Aug 17, 2010 in Links
      Ireland: A recession of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks – P O Neill Can the Nation Stimulate Its Way to Prosperity? – Boston Fed: The other side of yesterday’s argument. Monetary policy for the 21st century – interfluidity:...
  • Have interest rates peaked?
    on Aug 17, 2010 in Monetary Policy India Inflation
    So inflation is down to a single digit (barely) after a period of 6 months. Through this time, there has been a lot of discussion about monetary policy response to this phenomenon – one that seems to beset India every few years. And there will stil...
  • Links for August 17, 2010
    on Aug 16, 2010 in Links
      Robert Sloss predicted the iPhone in 1910 - Tyler Cowen Want to bust the jargon? You need to Unsuck it. The Fed uses research to justify stimulus. The Central-Bank Balance Sheet as an Instrument of Monetary Policy – New York Fed. Price Discr...
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