A satirical, witty and uncensored observational blog about the things I hate most in the world. Readers discretion is advised.

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Latest Blog Posts for The Things I Hate

  • I Hate: Apple
    on Jun 15, 2010 in FU iPad Mac iPod Apple Wizard Of Oz
    I have been using Apple Macs in some form for almost ten years and up until now have had no problems with them. In school we had a room full of iMacs, the ones that looked like Linda Barker designed them and were heavily endorsed by Sir Stephen Fry.
  • I Hate: The Former OptimistLess than a week ago I received some fan mail, this is more or less what it said..."Dear Supreme Handsome One,I have been following your blog 'The Things I Hate' for some time and I have to say that you are amazing. Your witty word play and amazingly...
  • I Hate: Bus TravelI do many unpleasant things by choice. Shop in Tesco's, use Windows Vista, work with the disabled, et cetera but very few of these persist to pummel my patience more than riding the bus.On a nearly daily basis I pay £3.70 to travel around and about...
  • I Hate: Headaches
    on May 18, 2010 in I DO NOT CARE
    My dear friends, relatives and sexual partners. You may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. The reason for this is I am tired, have a really sore head and suffering for half an hour, long enough to post something to entertain you sorry bu...
  • I Hate: Being PossitiveSo last night I am sat in the pub enjoying a few beverages with a woman who I deem just about sufferable when we embark on a conversation about life perception and philosophy. Her view on things is that everything happens for a reason, good people go...
  • I Hate: Product PlacementTHIS WEEKS BLOG POST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY COCA~COLA.Enjoy!So, I pay the astronomical fee required to see a film in a cinema, sneak into one of those more comfortable seats despite not paying the extra few bones, line up my DIET~COKE with ice and BUTT...
  • I Hate: Men
    on May 2, 2010 in sex relationships bears men
    Men have to be the best at everything with no exceptions. Be it the best at sports or licking our own balls we wanna do it better, faster and more efficiently than anyone else. The reason for this is that we crave power and domination. Everything we...
  • I Hate: Women*WARNING*The following post contains gratuitous generalisation of female stereotypes and is not intended to offend. However the author does not give a shit if he offends you so feel free to hate his guts as you no doubt will by the end of this post.'...
  • I Hate: MicrosoftComputers, living proof that people cant cope. Twenty years ago PC's were only found in the homes of the super rich, nowadays everybody young enough to remember their own names has one and we can't live without them anymore. So, yeah computers are pr...
  • I Hate: SupermarketsLet me tell you a story. Yesterday I travelled to my local Tesco supermarket to pick up the weekly shopping. I walked in, got my basket, filled it with food items and various toiletries, paid for my goods and walked out again. Doesn't that sound easy...
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