What it039s like to live with six cats

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Latest Blog Posts for Living with 6 cats

  • Crazy about cats
    on Jul 2, 2012
    see also About a month after Ernie was gone Bob started asking about adding an ‘orange boy’ to the family. I said no, but I knew eventually I’d cave. It didn't happen right away, but a few months later we ended up taking Winston home. He's...
  • Changes...
    on May 11, 2011
    see also I should change the title to “Living with SEVEN cats”…yes we added to our circus. Lots of things have happened. I’m no longer working in financial services. I work at the animal shelter, which is good and bad. Good because I l...
  • We didn't know
    on May 11, 2011
    see also I’m usually alone up at the front desk, I’m the only shelter assistant. We’re incredibly short staffed and no one really wants to be up there anyway, so they all avoid it. We have two animal control officers, they only time they a...
  • Halloween Costume Contest
    on Nov 6, 2010
    see also Every year our complex has a Halloween Costume contest. It’s definitely meant for people and kids, but for the past two years we’ve entered Herbie. Hurley would be a better entry since he likes being dressed up, but Herbie is on our...
  • Little Joe then and now
    on Oct 15, 2010
    see also We have had a lot of foster kittens. Some came with their moms, but most of them were without. Jack and Hurley’s mom turned out to be nuts, she hissed at her babies and she tried to bite Bob. She had to be removed shortly after she ar...
  • A gift from Little Joe
    on May 19, 2010
    see also When Little Joe first started coming around I thought she was a boy so I named her Little Joe. By the time I realized she was a girl the name had stuck and she does turn when you call her so I assume that means she sort of knows her name...
  • What a little determination will do
    on Apr 24, 2010
    see also Since summer is rapidly approaching we decided to get the screen door fixed. The tape wasn’t working very well and the hole had gotten bigger (thanks to Hurley and Pippi sticking their heads through it) Jack was able to squeeze through t...
  • First the cat this?
    on Apr 14, 2010
    see also Bob found five tiny little cards right outside our front door. I put my car key next to them for a little perspective on how tiny they are. They’re the perfect size for cats….we both got a big kick out of the fact that they were pract...
  • Cats are stronger than you think
    on Apr 11, 2010
    see also The other morning we came downstairs and one of the cat beds was moved. Normally it lives in the corner by the fireplace, but it was sitting in front of the tv. I asked Bob why he moved it, he said he thought I moved it. We laughed but d...
  • Don't feed the stray's....
    on Apr 3, 2010
    see also Last year when I wasn’t working this big orange cat started showing up on our door step. At first he’d just stare at me and he wouldn’t let me touch him…he just sat like a statue. We’d been putting food out for our neighbor cat...
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