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Latest Blog Posts for World of Mysteries

  • Pesugihan Gunung Kawi
    on Jun 10, 2011 in Pesugihan Gunung Kawi
    Myth Pesugihan Gunung Kawi is known as the place to look for wealth (pesugihan). That said, whoever did the ritual with a sense of resignation and hope that it will be granted permintaanya high, especially with regard to the richness.This myth is bel...
  • Mount cubeb: Sex Tourism and Pesugihan"Anyone who remembers this love story, whatever his desirewill be Fulfilled. "Prince SamodraOnce, a prince of the Mataram dynasty, Prince Samodraname, fell in love with his stepmother. Her love was not clapone hand. But of course, love these unusualo...
  • Prapanca Potato Ghosts
    on Mar 1, 2011 in Prapanca Potato Ghosts
    Houses Potato Prapanca. Location: Jln Dharmawangsa 9, South Jakarta, just next to one of the leading club in this area. Perhaps, in this house there was a little boy who fell into the cauldron that is being used to boil the potatoes. If you're 'lucky...
  • Creature Without a Head 3 Portion noodles MessagesMUSEUM Sonobudoyo II located at Dalem Condrokiranan, Wijilan Yogyakarta. Many expressed Saniman mystery stories (37), a local gardener who mukim in the complex. Met by reporters after Maghrib. When the story was, Saniman goosebumps so wingitnya place...
  • Suster Ngesot
    on Dec 7, 2010 in Suster Ngesot
    Sister ngesot is Indonesian horror film released in 2007. The film is directed by Arie Azis is starring, among others, by Nia Ramadhani, Mike Lewis, and Jajang C. Noer.This film tells the story of two beautiful young sisters who inhabit the old dormi...
  • The discovery of the Kapuas River and the Great Sacred KerisTwo traditional divers find kris and Manekin (stripper / cutter betel nuts) along the 1.5-meter giant Kapuas river, precisely under the bridge Telo Island, District of Kapuas Strait.Village residents Joyless Keramat, on Thursday (9 / 7), digegerkan w...
  • Black Magick
    on Nov 10, 2010 in Black Magick
    Black is black magick that despite magickian tag given the most beautiful thing in life work. typically negative magick spell cast on individuals is used to. In extreme cases, magick and could ruin your life, or it can kill you. It will also drive aw...
  • Getting Help from Sacred ObjectsAre you or your family have berkeramat objects? Usually these objects believed to have forces that can be used as protection, the giver of good fortune luck, beautify the aura of their owners and others.Lots of sacred objects in Indonesia. The heirlo...
  • Way Calling Kuntilanak
    on Oct 24, 2010 in Way Calling Kuntilanak
    The way calling jaelangkung, there is also a way of calling kuntilanak. And how to call kuntilanak is with melatunkan a Javanese song. Not the same as jaelangkung way calling, which can be done by anyone, it is different with kuntilanak.How to call k...
  • Black Magic Revenge Spells
    on Oct 4, 2010 in Black Magic Revenge Spells
    black magic spells revenge find their inspiration in the occult and the powers of darkness. This makes accurate spells black magic revenge supplied the meat content in films worldwide. The authors obtained a healthy subject to write about; television...
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