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Latest Blog Posts for Heartboxx

  • The best AND cheap cat litter
    on Sep 3, 2014
    so far la.This post is for cat(s) owner. Nak cerita pasal anak, tak ada anak lagi (I want to tell about kids, I don't have one)So, this is Bonnie and Mogwai, BEFORE they were producing stinky poops.After 2 years, now my 2 babies have grown up so big.
  • A stranger made me cry
    on Sep 3, 2014
    Have you ever met a stranger and that stranger stays as a stranger but somehow he made you cry? I do. I have Instagram account which is far from being popular. I have very little followers but somehow it still get few likes and comments from stranger...
  • Be careful with hashtag. Especially #airtanganisteri
    on Sep 3, 2014
    In my imagination, I love cooking. Subconsciously, I always see myself as a cooking queen. Macam mengigau gigau gitu. I love to READ recipe. Watch cooking channel on youtube. I always said that, if I have nice kitchen, I will cook everyday. And if I...
  • Work and Travel part two - touristy spot in Ho Chi Minh City.
    on Sep 3, 2014
    Despite the hectic responsibilities and arrangements I had to go through during my work and paid travel - there is perk side of it. Ye la kan.. hari tu cerita yang tak best je... now, yang turn best pula. Every bad news, comes the good news. Every sa...
  • The reality of Work and Travel
    on Sep 3, 2014
    I once got asked by a stranger on Tumblr what I do for living. By looking at my photo submissions, he also asked how old I am since he noticed I traveled a lot. Well, I understand if people curious about what one do for living. But why is age got to...
  • Wedding Photography gone wrong
    on Sep 3, 2014
    What I really meant is, Wedding PHOTOGRAPHER gone wrong.I was day dreaming to write a post about me being a BRILLIANT FRUGAL BRIDE. I hate seeing how people around me (especially in Malaysia) complaining how costly a wedding it is until they had to w...
  • Los Angeles Revisited part 2
    on Sep 3, 2014
    Malaysia current heat / hot weather makes me miss cold places I have been before. I want to take back what I said before - I love being under the tropic weather 365 days a year. It's been three and a half months since my visit to Alaska. Now I miss i...
  • Los Angeles Revisited
    on Sep 3, 2014
    February this year, after the wedding reception in Alaska, Mike and I had like 4 days left before we had to live separate for the last time starting March until September 2014. So we choose to spend it in LA. However, my LA revisited is not any grand...
  • My Top 5 Survival Kit Essentials
    on Sep 3, 2014
    My husband and I have known each other for almost three years now. We are still learning to understand each other and our situation is a little bit special.  We are able to combine the test against distance and cultural differences - all at the...
  • 12 Tips For Budget Travel
    on Sep 3, 2014
    I am no travel expert and I started my travel venture at age 30's. Starting with Hong Kong. But I learn a little to a lot since then. Lost my passport at Hong Kong Airport and left alone with very little money, while my mobile phone is dead and all I...
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