This is a brutally honest blog about things I wish people had told me when I was pregnant. It's about life's suprises, living like there's no tomorrow, and learning that love makes the world go round - often a little faster than you expecte

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Latest Blog Posts for Little Harry's House

  • on Sep 13, 2010
    September 13, 2010THE APOLOGY AND THE PLUGPlease forgive the lateness of this blog, and accept my apology along with this audacious plug. The apology and the plug are in fact closely related. You see, I have entered the overpopulated world of the...
  • on Aug 2, 2010
    August 2, 2010LOVE YOU MUM. I HOPE YOU'RE SICK AGAIN TOMORROW.Woke up and mummy was sick. I'm still not sure exactly what 'sick' means. I tried to ask mummy when she was preparing my breakfast but she didn't say much, and when she did she sounded...
  • on Jul 27, 2010
    July 27, 2010 BIRTHDAY CHEERS TO BABIES OVER BOURBON Give me Harry over a bottle of bourbon any day. As my birthday ticked nearer and plans for the day were laid, I couldn't help smile to myself as I began to plan my perfect birthday. How perfecti...
  • on Jul 18, 2010
    July 18, 2010 THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE, NOW SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT To all those who judged me, please enjoy swallowing the bitter bile of your discontent. Seven days ago I began controlled crying, and today baby, mum, and dad are well slept and sporti...
  • on Jul 11, 2010
    July 11, 2010MY WAR ON SLEEP CONTINUES. MUM 1. HARRY 1.Dear Harry, forgive me.Imagine a plaster being ripped from an open wound. This is how much it hurt, and no, I'm not referring to labour.Controlled crying. It saddens me to say, but last night we...
  • on Jul 1, 2010
    July 1, 2010 MY BOY THE BUBBLE-BUTT I'm the proud mum of a bubble-butt son. We have dared to ditch the disposable diaper, and join the growing crowd of elite cloth nappy users. I know, shock horror! A few decades ago a disposable diaper was a gu...
  • on Jun 23, 2010
    June 23, 2010RIPPED PYJAMA PANTS AND A CUP OF TEAWhat a week; Harry has barely slept a peep, and consequently neither have I. There is a feeling that comes from having an inconsolable screaming baby in the middle of the night; you begin to feel a...
  • on Jun 16, 2010
    June 16, 2010 LET MY SON SHINE THROUGH My family and some of my closest friends don't know this yet, for that I am sorry.Only now that I have begun to admit it to myself do I feel strong enough to admit it to others. That's not to say that I fe...
  • on Jun 10, 2010
    June 10, 2010THE FUN POLICE WITH BREASTSI am the Fun Police and all because I have boobs!Like many a small chested girl, I relished in the fact that as my belly grew so would my bust, but I gave little thought to the responsibility that would come wi...
  • on Jun 1, 2010
    June 2, 2009 THE WAR ON SLEEP. MUM 0. HARRY 1. Don't. Move. Too. Quickly. He is sleeping. As I write this he sleeps in my arms. So the war on sleep continues. It's funny the reasons we mums create to explain why our babies won't sleep - “Oh he's...
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