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Latest Blog Posts for The Axis of Stevil Show

  • The Casey Anthony Trial
    on Jun 24, 2011 in frontpage
    I didn't necessarily want to write on this topic, but this trial is frustrating me more and more on a daily basis. Going into the trial I assumed, like most of America still does, that Casey was guilty of murdering her daughter. At this point, the on...
  • Hope For Sale
    on Jun 15, 2011 in frontpage
    Every now and then we get an inspiring story of people who fight against all odds and manage to overcome their hardships and come out the other end of the tunnel stronger. This is not one of those stories. Destiny Mathis of Hobart Indiana worked hard...
  • A Bold Assumption
    on Jun 14, 2011 in frontpage
    To this point, I have stayed away from the scandal come to be known in the media as "Weinergate" not because I didn't see it as a worthy story, but largely because I frankly don't care what Anthony Weiner is doing in his spare time. The reason for th...
  • The Obama Dichotomy
    on May 7, 2011 in frontpage
    On the heels of the Navy SEALS taking down Osama Bin Laden, the disconnect between President Obama and the American heartland has shown itself front and center. Sometimes it seems that the areas where we all agree only seem to accentuate the areas wh...
  • No Paper Tiger
    on May 2, 2011 in frontpage
    He said that America was a paper tiger, and we would not have the heart to see this through. He was wrong. Dead wrong. Yesterday, public enemy number one met his fate in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan where he was living right under the nose of t...
  • Is America Racist?
    on Apr 29, 2011 in frontpage
    There has been a lot of talk flying around lately about racism in politics, and most of it seems to be centered around the birth certificate issue with President Obama. Now that he has presented the document and we have had a few days to mull it over...
  • Hair Ye, Hair Ye.
    on Apr 27, 2011 in frontpage
    Did President Obama just get Trumped by The Donald? This morning, the White House responded to the questions raised about the President's Birth Certificate in a way they had never before done. And if you're Donald Trump, the timing couldn't possibly...
  • You Got What Where?
    on Apr 7, 2011 in frontpage
    It sounds more like a story one would read on a truck stop bathroom wall. In fact, I may have written it on a truck stop bathroom wall once a few years ago. Sorry about that, Rosie O'donut. Anyhow, this time it is for real. Karin Mackaliunus (picture...
  • If Not Now, Whom?
    on Apr 5, 2011 in frontpage
    As the Federal Government nears a potential shutdown, many members of the media wish to focus on which party will get the blame from the American people. The politicians seem to be all ready to cater to this wish by pointing fingers back and forth ac...
  • Conspiracy Theory Debunked
    on Apr 5, 2011 in frontpage
    I recently was introduced to this episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on a forum board, where a member wanted to inform the rest of us about the Governments plans to declare martial law, put us in concentration camps, and kill us all off. Yo...
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