I use exclamation points liberally! My germ anxiety is at an all time high and I spend days dreaming of life in a bubble. I look in people's medicine cabinets and fridges. I had a crush on Boy George. This still concerns me.

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Latest Blog Posts for The Colie Chronicles

  • I also like spankings!
    on Mar 4, 2011 in Grab my button
    I have a button now and you can grab it to spread the Colie love...look, right over there. To the left. I'm sporting a tiara. Classy and sassy, right?Yep, the tiara has a story and someday I'll tell's a good one.In the meantime, I feel like a...
  • I Have A Stalker
    on Mar 3, 2011 in Momma
    And it's not the garden variety, hide in your apartment in the dark and scare the bejesus out of you kind. Thankfully. (*Insert flashbacks to my 20's here*). It's a balloon. A red balloon. So, today I had one of my I don't want to get out of bed...
  • Comments Rock My World!
    on Mar 1, 2011 in comments rock my world
    It's comments like these..."What a post! Your a great writer. You give us a little bit of everything. Sometimes you want to laugh and sometimes you want to cry! I could read your writing all day..." (from Ross at
  • Conversation with the 3 year old
    on Mar 1, 2011 in my insanity germs the 3 year old
    As we pull up to daycare this morning, I had this very traumatizing conversation with the 3 year old who clearly knows me a little too well:3 year old: "Sammy* was sick..." (Sammy being a little girl going inside the daycare just as we were)Me:...
  • Bridesmaid For Hire***
    on Feb 26, 2011 in crazy ass Colie
    It's been a rough week and I can't seem to pull my thoughts together to form a coherent story so here are some random thoughts for you...on Sunday. Sunday is my least favorite day of the week. Yup, I dislike it even more than Monday. But I don't disl...
  • For the love of Colie...VOTE PLEASE!
    on Feb 25, 2011 in FTLOB Vote for Colie
    Sometimes, it's the little things that can turn a day around. The 7 year old is home sick with a mystery fever and as a lunatic germaphobe having a very sad week already, a sick kidlet was not a good start to the day but then...
    on Feb 24, 2011 in my family
    I know that very bad things happen to good people. I know that cancer and other terrible diseases do not discriminate. Nowadays, there seems to be no one left untouched. I stumbled on a blog about mothers living with cancer y...
  • Sunny Gives Me Heart PalpitationsOkay people - one of my very favorite bloggers, who provides me with more support than I'm sure she could ever know by bravely and smartly sharing her story at has nominated The Colie Chronicles for a BLOSCAR!!
  • The Cleaning Fairy
    on Feb 22, 2011 in my insanity
    Shhhh...the cleaning fairy is here and I'm hiding in the basement tippy tapping on the computer pretending to be too busy and important to clean my own house. Which I am very clearly, not. But I work full time, have two three little people who d...
  • The Husband's Big Brawl
    on Feb 22, 2011 in the husband
    So, the always calm and mild mannered husband has two scars on his left hand which he says are the result of a fight. In a bar. In the men's room. Circa 1999. Pre-me. Reportedly this night he had taken cold medication due to illness and then decided...
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