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Latest Blog Posts for DAYS OF LIFE OF DEVIL

  • Some Terminologies You Should Know About Trojans
    on Mar 12, 2011 in Malware Trojan
    In this following post we will discus some most frequently used terminologies that we usually hear when word Trojan pops out. They are discussed here because after knowing them you'll be able to understand how attacker manages to circulate RAT se...
  • Trojan Horse
    on Mar 11, 2011 in Malware Trojan
    The word Trojan horse has been derived from Greek mythology in which Greeks built a huge wooden horse for their soldiers to hide and then placed that horse in front of Troy gates. Troy citizen thought its is gift to them for victory over Greeks and t...
  • How To Put A Windows PC In Continues Restart Mode
    on Mar 11, 2011 in Windows Hacking Trick
    As a college student I was very insincere and irregular, I always used to find out ways to skip lectures and practicals and that's why I am crappy programmer today. I created this trick to skip practicals while in college but I 'll advise you...
  • A Look On Some Of The Classic Windows Rootkits
    on Mar 10, 2011 in Rootkit Malware
    In this post we will discus some of the classic windows based rootkits and please note that this discussion will be study based. I don't guarantee these rootkits will work as it is as they worked before. By the way lets continue I hope you'll...
  • John The Ripper: Misc OptionsOk this is last part to John The Ripper tutorial and here we will discus some of the misc features of John The Ripper. John The Ripper can crack many types of password encryption formats if you know by which format the password is encrypted, you can...
  • Rootkit Revealed
    on Mar 9, 2011 in Rootkit Malware
    As mentioned earlier rootkits have been associated with UNIX then Linux and today even with windows. Here in this post we will discuss tools and programs that are bundled with rootkits and their functions in short. The main job of rootkit is to provi...
  • John The Ripper: TutorialCompilationBegin To Crack PasswordsDifferent Types Of Password Cracking OptionsManaging Password Cracking SessionsMisc Options...
  • John The Ripper: Managing SessionsIn previous posts we discussed about how to compile and crack passwords using John the ripper. Here we will discus how to mange password cracking sessions. In this section we will learn how we can pause John The Ripper while cracking and resume from...
  • How To Hide An Installed Program In Windows
    on Mar 8, 2011 in Windows Hacking Trick
    In this post I will show you how you can hide an installed program from others in your system. I was in college when I created this trick to disallow my friends from playing games on my PC. I hope you 'll find this trick helpful. So, here's t...
  • Rootkit
    on Mar 8, 2011 in Rootkit Malware
    The biggest disadvantage of any Operating System is that its Administrator User name is always known. Root for Unix\Linux and Administrator for Windows. The term Root-Kit is made up of two words Root and Kit. Where root refers to administrator and ki...
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