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Latest Blog Posts for Scary Mommy

  • A Letter To My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey
    on Feb 15, 2015 in Movies
    Image via Shutterstock My Precious Children, Tonight, I succumbed to peer pressure (exactly what I caution you NEVER to do) and went with a bunch of girlfriends to see Fifty Shades of Grey. I ignored the little voice in my head that implored me to ju...
  • No, I Can’t Enjoy Every Moment
    on Feb 14, 2015 in Scary Mommy Blog
    We walk through the grocery aisle or the Target checkout or through the library or down the street or pretty much anywhere and well meaning strangers look at us with those eyes full of love and we know exactly what is coming: “Enjoy this… it...
  • 10 Commandments for Visiting New Moms
    on Feb 14, 2015 in Co-Existing
    Lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of “what new moms need” blog posts. These are almost always accompanied by beautifully staged photos of care packages containing everything from nipple cream to bronzed sculptures of baby feet. Bu...
  • When Relationships Are Tested: A True Love Story
    on Feb 13, 2015 in Losing a Child
    Relationships often become casualties of crisis.  Even the strongest of couples, when faced with life-changing crisis, can find themselves forced apart due to a range of reactions, different levels of coping, or conflicting outlets for grief.  I fi...
  • The New Dad’s Guide to Surviving Your Wife
    on Feb 13, 2015 in Co-Existing
    1. If you're going to be late coming home don't wait until the last minute to tell her. Remember when you'd have to do chin ups and you knew you had to do 20? You'd get to 18 and think "I only have two more to go, I can make it" then some asshat come...
  • The Voice of PMS
    on Feb 13, 2015 in Woman Stuff
    “Good Morning. Everything sucks. Especially you. You suck.” “It’s 8 o’clock already, for crying out loud, where’s my cheeseburger?” “I hate all of your clothes. You look like a bag lady. Why do you even bother wearing a bra?” “Hey...
  • 16 Things I Must Confess to My Children
    on Feb 13, 2015 in Scary Mommy Blog
    Before I had kids, I was determined I’d be one of those honest moms. You know the kind; the ones who always tell the truth no matter what. But then I became a parent and life got real. In my effort to cushion my children against the world, I f...
  • 20 Things I Learned From My Second Baby
    on Feb 12, 2015 in Baby 101
    There’s no bigger change in a woman’s life than becoming a mother for the first time. With my first child, it seemed like every day brought 100 new surprises. But when I became pregnant for the second time, I thought I got this! And in some ways,...
  • Motherhood Is 1,000 Tiny Break Ups
    on Feb 12, 2015 in Scary Mommy Blog
    I never wanted to be that mom. The one who laments  that every childhood phase is happening too quickly. Who waxes nostalgic with every single milestone. The hot, blubbering mess at preschool graduation? I’m not her. But dammit, nobody warned...
  • Why I Decided Not To Divorce My Husband
    on Feb 12, 2015 in Partners
    Sometimes it’s the way he looks at me when he’s exasperated. It’s the way I feel when I feel like he is being too critical of me or of one my many perceived shortcomings. Sometimes it’s just the things he says and my God, the way he says them...
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