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Latest Blog Posts for health care and medical overall

  • Lactose Intolerance
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Lactose IntolerancYou often get diarrhea just as they often consume milk? Almost 95% Asians, 10 to 15% Caucasians, 50% and 75% Mediterranean nations black race suffers it, that is intolerance to lactose (Lactose intolerance).Lactose intolerance is th...
  • I'm Hosting Grand Rounds!Just what every non-MD fantasizes about: hosting a Grand Rounds! Ok, ok, it's not the kind of grand rounds in a hospital where I get to impart my vast medical knowledge to other healthcare professionals (a good thing, too, given that the initials aft...
  • Managing Diabetes
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    We aim to manage Diabetes is increasing quality of life for people with diabetes and to eliminate short-term complaints or symptoms, maintain a sense of comfort and achievement of target blood glucose control. While our long term goal is to prevent a...
  • Bad Childhood and Risk of Heart Disease
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Children who have suffered ill-treatment such as harassment, lack of parental attention, or families who are not in harmony, not only will affect the children psychologically, but also increases the risk of heart disease later in adulthood.How can so...
  • Beware, Mold on Leather Baby!
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Beware, Mold on Leather Baby!Actually, a fungal infection of the skin can be experienced by anyone, regardless of age. However, babies are usually relatively more susceptible than adults infected with fungus. This is partly because the baby's skin, e...
  • Counteract the prickly heat
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Counteract the prickly heat Aka prickly heat sweat indeed often in infants. Usually this occurs due to blockage of sweat glands. Sweat comes out together under the skin causing a red rash. The problem, prickly heat can relapse repeatedly, especially...
  • Anemia, Institute of Mother-Child Affect
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Anemia AffectAnemia, which is often termed ''anemia'', not only causing a risk of bleeding during delivery, but can also create a lack of bonding between mother and newborn birth. Even with a mild iron deficiency alone, have been able to disturb the...
  • Asthma Maternal and Fetal Sex
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Difficult to connect between pregnant women who have asthma with the fetus gender. But researchers in Australia found that pregnant women with asthma will have more frequent asthma attacks when he gets a girl pregnant. The cause is unknown, allegedly...
  • Passive Smokers Fate
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Even non-smokers, cigarette smoke exposure on breast-feeding mothers and babies can still damage the health. Please note, if someone smokes, it means he just suck the smoke around 15% only, while 85% will be released and eventually inhaled by passive...
  • Premature Children at Risk of Diabetes
    on Jun 17, 2010 in Diseases
    Premature ChildrenChildren who are born prematurely, will experience reduced sensitivity to insulin or a condition called pre-diabetes, which can cause it to suffer diabetes at a later date. This situation can also occur in children who are born with...
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