Cerita lucu yang dialih bahasakan dari Bahasa Inggris kedalam Bahasa Indonesia

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Latest Blog Posts for Cerita Lucu Dua Bahasa

  • A married couple
    on Jul 25, 2010
    A married coupleOne time a husband and wife went on vacation to a chicken farm in the suburbs. The owner of the ranch accompanied the husband and wife to see 'contents' of the ranch. Suddenly a cock and then in front of them, chasing the hen. When "g...
  • Oops!
    on Jul 25, 2010
    Oops!Patient: "When doctor finished the surgery, Nurse, I heard surgeon saying a word that made me very sad."Sister: "What word was that?"Patient: "Oops!"Waduh!Pasien: "Saat saya selesai dioperasi, Suster, saya mendengarkan doktor bedah menggunakan s...
  • Friendship
    on Jul 25, 2010
    FriendshipAndi: "Since the Dodo, my close friend moved to another school, I was so lazy to snacks in the school cafeteria."Rudi: "Well, how tight a sense of friendship between you?"Andi: "Not really. no just Dodo who paid when we snacked in the cafet...
  • A reception invitation
    on Jul 25, 2010
    A reception invitationA reception was held in Paris. One of the guests, President Numeri of Sudan, he lost the invitation.However, he still went to the door and told the officer there he explained who he was."But how we know what you said is true?" a...
  • Doctor's affair
    on Jul 24, 2010
    Doctor's affair"I can't stand take this emotional burden" A doctor - Rendi's friend admited:"Ren, you know how to throw away the habit of having an affair with my patients? I have broken my doctors oath ! "Rendi tried to cheer him up: "Never mind. It...
  • A young mother's desire
    on Jul 24, 2010
    A young mother's desireOne day a young mother came to me and said that her husband wanted to marry again, I replied "Do not listen to his will."A week later she came back told me that her husband was married again, I replied "Never allow his will".Af...
  • Pedicab driver and Naked girl
    on Jul 24, 2010
    Pedicab driver and Naked girlThere was a naked girl took a pedicab. Throughout the trip,The pedicab driver did not take his eyes from the girl.Felt in such notice, the girl asked:Girl: What's wrongwith you, you look at me like that? Never See naked g...
  • Sex Column
    on Jul 24, 2010
    Sex ColumnAn employee of a company felt very happyafter getting the news that she was elected to represent her company to followa seminar abroad. Arriving at the location of the seminar,Seminar participants were given sheets filled by the committee a...
  • Smart student
    on Jul 24, 2010
    Smart studentTeacher: Maria, go to the map and find North America.Maria: Here it is.Teacher: Correct. Now class, who discovered America?Class: Maria.==========Teacher: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?John: You told me to...
  • Call me Darling
    on Jul 23, 2010
    Call me DarlingA manager at a large company saw new employee on one day and asked him to get into his office."What is your name?" that's the first question asked by the manager."John" replied the new employee.The manager be somber, "Look, I do not kn...
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