Demon Llama! is the blog of a recent college grad still living in a college world with her boyfriend and a crazy cat named Possum. It documents her adventures with the confusing, hilarious, and often terrifying Real World that comes after the diploma.

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Latest Blog Posts for Demon Llama! And Other Ramblings

  • The world can't end today (because I said so).So, as you might have heard, the world is supposed to end at some arbitrary 6:00 PM today. This will simply not do because right now my life is amazing. Of course, the likelihood that the world would come to a cataclysmic end once I finally reached a...
  • Perfection! (Engagement Ring: Found)
    on May 7, 2011 in wedding rings engagement
    I've been engaged for over a month now, but didn't have a ring until this week - which has been a tad difficult to explain to some people. In all of my girlhood fantasies about getting married (you know you had them, too) I never put much thought--if...
  • Nail Biters Anonymous
    on May 7, 2011 in nails
    Hi, my name is Jocelyn and I am a nail biter. I don't remember when I started biting my nails, but it's possible I began around the time I learned how to chew. I've never known a me without ragged, too-short fingernails and learned to accept it as a...
  • I really need to stop being lazy when it comes to dinner
    on May 4, 2011 in cooking food
    Cheez-its are delicious, but they aren't dinner. Even though I seem to think so. Neither is ice cream, half a chocolate Easter bunny (the head, natch) or trail mix. Snacks, Jocelyn, do not = dinner. Sure, my calories more or less equal out but it's o...
  • When craaaazy weather attacks
    on Apr 26, 2011 in winter spring weather snow
    When it comes to weather, Syracuse, NY is known for its massive yearly snow accumulation. Each year, we compete (and usually cream everyone else) for a Golden Snowball award trophy and news crews trot out a few times between the months of November/De...
  • Moving Progress: 1/100%
    on Apr 19, 2011 in moving cleaning chores
    I've come to realize over the past year that I am the kind of person who needs goals and deadlines. I did very well in school, but never as well as those projects and papers where I was up until the crack of dawn, eating coffee beans whole and workin...
  • On asking your boyfriend to marry you
    on Apr 16, 2011 in wedding engagement
    My relationship is anything but traditional. We're generally laid back and just don't do the whole romance thing very well. Don't get me wrong - Terrell and I have our sweet moments, but they're usually within the context of our weirdness (hence the...
  • Coat trees are obnoxiously expensive -_-I'm flabbergasted... I mean, yeah, I figured maybe $30-40 was likely for a decent one. But $50-60+? You have got to be shitting me. Who the hell has $200 to plunk down for a piece of wood with little knobbies to hang coats on? And who the hell would...
  • 8 lb. down!
    on Feb 2, 2011 in weigh in
    So, I chickened out of weighing myself yesterday because I was afraid that after a week of crappy eating and almost no working out it would be back up to where it was. Monday and yesterday were really good - I ate right, tried a new recipe (cilantro...
  • Being an adult is hard :(I just made the first payments on two of my loans, $221 total. $221 of my precious dollars = a whopping 0.0043% of my loans paid off. And I'll have to make another payment at the end of this week to a third lender. Can I go home now? At the very...
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