These are the chronicles of a coffee addict. Insightful, intelligent, quirky. Duty bound to the desperate cry of wandering vagabonds. Submitted for your approval by the fumes of bubbling caffeine and direct replenishment by means of the straw.

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Latest Blog Posts for Coffee Through a Straw

  • Lord of the SkiesAirplanes... Oh, how I hate lift-offs, almost as much as landings--but at least with the touchdown, there's more hope in setting my feet on lovely, solid ground. Once I'm in the air, it's smooth sailing--for lack of a better phrase. However, at each...
  • It's a Wonderful Life
    on Dec 31, 2010
    I am grasping the coat tails of a New Year and the sun is smiling. The snow is melting with the memories of this year's past in hopes of their taunts fleeting as far away as the people who've made them happen. I need to make room...
  • God, Frosty, and Me
    on Dec 29, 2010
    Winter has made its presence known in the form of 32 inches of white powder. That, at least, is how much snow my town got. The most in the County! The entire time those tiny flakes fell my heart grew colder and colder. I am not ten years old anymore.
  • Death in the Office
    on Dec 21, 2010
    The American office is the place where dreams evaporate and innocence dies. Whatever driving force there was within this dilapidated nine-to-fiver has been lost, along with my sense of pride--which wasn't much to begin with. I've been contemplating...
  • Revelation on Eastman Street
    on Dec 14, 2010
    You could know Cranford a long time without knowing Eastman Street. And you could know a lot of Eastman Street without knowing Number 3. This is an antique shop more closed than open and is the very definition of a hole in the wall. However, the next...
  • Who's the Boss?
    on Dec 11, 2010
    These are trying times for the 9-5 worker, especially for those working in a mediocre bank with customers as scarce as the energy welled up within the few employees scavenging the internet for time wasting websites. Thank God for the web, and also fo...
  • The Good, The Bad
    on Nov 24, 2010
    There is a box at my job containing items available only under dual control. I hold the second key.  The lock is stubborn and only gives after three or four attempted rotations. My manager opened it on the first try. I told him that's a bad sign...
  • Untitled
    on Nov 16, 2010
    3, 3, 3 There's something about that number... Multiplied by itself is 9, one short of 10, affectionally known as perfection. Let's face it, though. If anything were perfect, there'd be no reason. The pursuit of perfection is truly worthwhile, so 9...
  • YouTube Debut
    on Nov 15, 2010
    Check out this YouTube video. It's a dark comedy about two friends saving their other friend who's scarf got stuck in the door. Your's truly is featured as one of the stars. Expect more in the future!
  • We All Live in a Prison of Our Own Making
    on Nov 15, 2010
    The unfortunate thing about my job is my desk does not have a cubicle. Though, I'm sure if I did have three surrounding carpeted walls, I'd likely relay my woes of how they are closing in, suffocating what life I cherish, which isn't much, but I digr...
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