A humorous look at my life as a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes irreverent, rarely touching, but always funny. Famous people read it. (That's a lie.)

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Latest Blog Posts for Mrs Dub

  • With love, Mrs. Dub
    on Dec 24, 2008 in Mrs. Dub
    So this is it.As you may have sensed, I've grown weary of blogging. It's not you; it's me. After three long years of being Mrs. Dub, I'm ready to move on to a different medium. I'm hoping to use the time I spent blogging on other
  • HTT - Your Christmas lights are uglyvia someone in EnglandFrom Cooey's Mom: "How 'bout flashing Christmas lights vs. constant? And what about yard ornaments? Are they fun or tacky? My husband and I debate over these every Dec."This one is easy for me. First, no flashing
  • HTM - Jessica Simpson is dirtyFrom (my lovely, cute, witty SIL) Steph: "To wash hair daily or not to wash hair daily... This is something I struggle with."OK, I'm putting this one out there for the blog peeps, because I don't know the answer. I've always been
  • HTF - Friends without benefits
    on Dec 19, 2008 in marriage Hot Topic Tuesday
    From Janaya: Is it kosher to have good friends of the opposite sex after you're married?This is a loaded question with a loaded answer, because there are a lot of variables and possibilities. On the surface, yes, you can have good friends of the oppo
  • HTT - Christmas cash
    on Dec 18, 2008 in holidays Christmas Hot Topic Tuesday
    This is Miss Dub's big gift this year.From Joey and Megan: How about how much to spend on Christmas? How much is too much? What about the re-gift?It's hard for me to say since we only have one little'un, and she won't be getting much
  • HTW - PC or Mac?
    on Dec 17, 2008 in technology Mac PC Hot Topic Tuesday
    To increase your holiday spunk, I've decided to gift you with an entire week of Hot Topics suggested by you, culminating on Wednesday with a special post of my own. Yeah, I'm giggling, too.I don't have time to address all of your hot topic
  • HTT - Christmas Card EtiquetteI love this Christmas photo via Flickr.First, Mr. Dub and I don't do Christmas cards. I could say it's an ethical issue, but it's really more about laziness. Plus, we've been moving or pregnant (or fat) several Christmases past, so we
  • Alright, who slipped me their meds?
    on Dec 15, 2008 in serious stuff musing
    Oh my, where to start? I have so many thoughts in my head lately. It could be brilliance, or it could be madness. I never know with myself. I almost started this post with, "This is going to be the best work of my life." Because then whatever I
  • Cindy Brady would be proud
    on Dec 12, 2008 in musing grrr
    What is it with characters with lisps on children's television?I mean, are they trying to teach tolerance for kids who have them? Or is it propaganda for speech impediments?Bugs me.Thank you for reading my blog. And for not smoking.
  • What is it with Chicago politics?
    on Dec 11, 2008 in Chicago politics Blagojevich
    My governor is an idiot.No worries, I'm sure the next one will be corrupt, too.It's just how we roll in Chicago.I blame the pizza.Thank you for reading my blog. And for not smoking.
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