House of Poetry features poems of different types. It also focuses on Nigerian Politics,travel destinations and more

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Latest Blog Posts for House of Poetry

  • The Fallen General--Osama Bin Laden At the Backyard of Life
    on May 2, 2011
    Oh boy, a sweet rhyme flows in me; 'an Obama has killed an Osama' beat that! After all without the Bad guys, how do the Good guys shine? And without the Darkness, how does the Light make a difference? Osama was a moslem; but does Osama represent Isl...
  • Current Political Intrigues and the Drums of War
    on Feb 6, 2011
    For those who do not yet know what happened in hell when Jesus Christ died and went down to hell, let me explain; there was a conference of all powers of darkness and massive celebration of the death of the Master by satan and his demonic hosts and a...
  • Integrity
    on Jan 26, 2011
    Now comes the days when integrity becomes the only universally acceptable currency; when the monsterous systems fail and thousands of grips lay hold of the helm of an upright garment to show the way through the dark tunnel. How my soul had longed!
  • Valley of Decision--the call of Destiny!
    on Jan 26, 2011
    In the Field of Destiny, by the way of the Valley of Decision; you either look up and move up or look to the corners of the earth and sink deep below. However when you turn back in the day of battle and refuse to step into your own destiny, you abort...
  • Wind of Evil
    on Jan 2, 2011
    from one blood came every man,nation on the earth; seeing the world becomes perversely cruel and warped by the day as a result of the fall of man, take heed and let not Nigeria say suicide bombing is not culturally Nigerian but an Arab thing, a weste...
  • Grief
    on Dec 23, 2010
    when distaste fills my mouth; when speaking becomes like chewing needles; when my strenght is sapped; when I spirit loathe all and my soul yearns for outerlife; when violence swirls in me and rage whirls up; when my feelings get dirty and I feel like...
  • When Sovereignty is not...
    on Dec 22, 2010
    When does sovereignty ceases to be? And where does globalisation and national security robs another state of its impregnable state? Can there trully be such thing as true sovereignty of a nation-state?
  • Integrity--New Global Currency
    on Dec 22, 2010
    Suddenly we step into a new era where integrity is the only acceptable global currency and where the strong go on bended kneels for the weak to lead the way!
  • The World Orders
    on Dec 6, 2010 in Global Politics
    This today's New World Order has barely produced the seed for the sustenance of future Order and Security because it is deeply rooted in the Old World Order; only coated with gold, though inwardly it is falsehood. Hence today's New World Order become...
  • In the Hearts of Men
    on Nov 30, 2010
    how long does it take the tree to grow? how long does it take the seed to sprout amidst bliss by the river that never runs dry? how wary is the sower of seeds about the nature of seeds sown? for seeds do become trees and they do bare much fruits.
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