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Latest Blog Posts for TA Trading with Amibroker

  • Learn AFL from AMi guru
    on Aug 23, 2010
    I have a laptop, or a mobile phone, and I don't know how to use! What a shame!! We use Amibroker, love amibroker but, how much this great tool`s potentiality we are using? Most of the users just generate charts, and are satisfied. If we want to beat...
  • Fibonacci Bollinger Bands in new light
    on Aug 20, 2010 in AFL2Share AFL Tips Bollinger Fibonacci
    Fibonacci Bollinger Bands indicator is a very nice, trustworthy and easy to grasp indicator. (The afl is available on various website, with the candle bar. As for me western bar gives more clear result I`ve channged the code with little effort. I wil...
  • Foundation AFL, MRQ13 of Bangladesh, and New version from HULK
    on Aug 20, 2010
    It started 27 July 2010 with this message on traderji : `Hello, Soon The Foundation v14.00 will be launch by me with some changes and additional VAS. Till now “G.Index” was mystery in Chart, now it has been resolve, Few parameters like Volume, St...
  • Why I dont see the chart? Answer : Re-locate the databaseSometimes users of Amibroker, the most user friendly technical analysis software, create new database. Next time the user starts Amibroker, it loads with the new database. So blank chart hits the screen. Because most of the time, and most of the user...
  • Ami AFL for Dummies : Change the shapes
    on Aug 18, 2010 in AmiTips constrant AFL Tips Plotshape
    In amibroker, the most popular technical analysis software, there are hundreds of charts. They use arrows and other shapes to show buy/sell or other signals. And some of them are very fascinating. But did you ever think that even you can change them...
  • How to Import CSV data into amibroker
    on Aug 17, 2010 in CSV AmiTips Profita Data Import
    Tips : A Step by StepsText guide, A pictorial guide and a video guide has been attached with the post. To see right now go to last part of the post, clicking more.  Now post : After database creation, importing CSV data is the 2nd major job Amib...
  • 4 Tips for using Midas in KPL, Code added
    on Aug 15, 2010 in TA System KPL AFL2Share AFL Tips MIDAS
    ATTENTION : KPL-Midas Code is at the last part of this post. Please copy and paste in your amibroker.)4 Tips for using Midas in KPL: 1. put your price mark at the beginning of last major price break, bullish or bearish.2. Right click on price chart,...
  • Organize AFLs of Amibroker
    on Aug 14, 2010
    In my Ami I`ve dozens of AFL, renamed with my nickname before. They were all scattered in folders like Custom, Drag and Drop, and others. Last week i just searched and found them all. Then copied them, And placed in a new folder created after my n...
  • Another Trading System to follow stcok price successfullyTechnical Analysts regard it as RESISTANCE line. At other side there is another line. They say it`s SUPPORT line. When I visualize these lines they seem to me more lively elements. Resistance line is nothing but a visual emotion of people who are tak...
  • creating database in trading software Amiborker
    on Aug 13, 2010 in AmiTips Creating Database
    After Amibroker is installed, the first and foremost duty is creating a database.For novice, sometimes this seems somewhat hard.With just a diagram i`ve showed how to create aEOD (End of day) database.Here its just five steps.\...
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