Hi! cpink is my new blog, featuring all my painting a day work and oil paintings, portraits and watercolours. Thanks!!! Chris

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Latest Blog Posts for cpink art

  • Woo!
    on Apr 23, 2011 in Novel-related stuff
    Woo, just watching Carrie: what a film! New post up on writing a book and how much of a pain in the arse it is, etc. See what I did there? I’ve made it so you don’t even have to go to the top and click a button. Best from me, C...
    on Apr 23, 2011 in General stuff
    The following post is influenced by what I witnessed last night on my way home. It’s written from the perspective of a drunk-out-of-his-mind 20-something. (Which is honestly not me. I’m not allowed to drink.) I just can’t help mysel...
  • Penguin trousers & stunning weather
    on Apr 22, 2011 in General stuff
    I’d been laid up having an M.E. episode for 5 days up until this morning, so when I realized at around 10am that I had some power in my legs, I went out into the world. It was a great day. Actually I lied: I didn’t go out into the world s...
  • Die 3D, Die
    on Apr 21, 2011 in General stuff
    Now, forgive me for sounding like a grumpy old man, or don’t forgive me, it’s your choice, but I’ve always hated 3D anything. The world is already in really good 3D — the best, you might say — so why do we need 3D anythi...
  • Watch “The Loved Ones” because it is good
    on Apr 21, 2011 in General stuff
    I consider myself a horror fan. So when my brother — who isn’t a particularly big horror fan — told me to watch The Loved Ones, I assumed it had to be crap since I’d never heard of it. In fact, it’s not crap, it’s...
  • Times Gone By
    on Apr 20, 2011 in General stuff
    I came across some photos just now. Photos that suddenly smashed into my mind a whole amazing weekend that I’d all but forgotten about: me and my friends Clyde and Matt visiting the Isle of Wight, sleeping on the sand (separate sleeping bags, o...
  • Novel samples coming soon
    on Apr 19, 2011 in Novel-related stuff
    What more is there to say? See the “upcoming novels” bar at the top of this page for more info until the samples appear. Thanks, Christopher Graham Pink...
  • Explanation
    on Apr 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
    If you’re someone who has visited my blog in the past year or two and found themselves frustrated that this Chris Pink bloke hasn’t added any new content, I’m sorry. It was always my intention to keep going with this blog, and if th...
    on Jan 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey, You know what? I have not a damn thing to say. Here’s an old painting i did which i have decided i will never sell, it’s just one of them old favourites. Plus, it won’t fit in the car Ok…..when the bloody co
  • The Pink gets back to it
    on Jan 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hello all, Well….what to say? A lot has happened over christmas and new year, but finally i am on the mend. Here are three pictures now up on ebay; all are marker pen on canvas. Humor, what would one do without it? All are 18 x 14 inches. Start.
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