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Latest Blog Posts for Altuure Java Blog

  • yagdao/quickstart/jpa
    on Dec 20, 2010
    yagdao-0.3.1 JPA guide View more presentations from altuure. Related Posts yagdao/quickstart/hibernate yagdao/quickstart com.altuure.yagdao-0.2.jar...
  • yagdao/quickstart/hibernate
    on Dec 20, 2010
    yagdao-0.3.1 hibernate guide View more presentations from altuure. Related Posts yagdao/quickstart/jpa yagdao/quickstart com.altuure.yagdao-0.2.jar...
  • Release Notes: com.altuure.yagdao-0.3.jar
    on Dec 9, 2010 in Notes genericdao hibernate jpa yagdao
    Append Method handler Another dynamic query builder. But this one , use simple StringBuilder instead of trying to parse the argument.  So more fast and adjustable dynamic query builder For more see test cases and example dao @YMethod(type = YMethodT...
  • yagdao/quickstart
    on Nov 2, 2010
    Although hibernate and JPA are two different APIs after the creating initial setup all runtime behaviors of the yagdao is expected to be same. Dependency Setup and Download Defining GenericDAO interfaces Quickstart with hibernate Quickstart with JPA...
  • yagdao/usage
    on Nov 2, 2010
    Default methods Create and Update Support Custom Query Support Named Query Support Criteria Query Support When you extend GenericDAO, you will get some default methods as below. public interface GenericDAO<T, ID extends Serializable> { /** *...
  • com.altuure.yagdao-0.2.jar
    on Nov 2, 2010 in Notes dao genericdao hibernate jpa yagdao
    I published for version of the yagdao (Yet Another Generic DAO) finally. this version is a little bit experimental but stable. yagdao is an generic dao framework  that would be enabled by annotations. simple step to go through for setup read more ad...
  • Yet Another Generic DAO:yagdao
    on Oct 27, 2010
    yagdao is a Generic DAO (Data Access Objects) implementation for both JPA 2 and hibernate, that enables user to support custom CRUD operations and custom query operations without coding at all. Features very light easy to setup support for JPA suppor...
  • Retrieving Id field from JPA and Hibernatequick code snippet to get the identifier field name for a given entity class from both hibernate and JPA 2.0 APIs. for hibernate public String getIdProperty(Class entityClass) { String idProperty=sessionAccessor.getSessionFactory() .getClassMetadata(...
  • JPA Criteria API by samples – Part-I
    on Sep 23, 2010 in HowTo &amp; Tutorial criteria jpa sql
    In this post I try to explain jpa criteria API by simple example on a single entity. Although examples are pretty much simple it will help you with finalized version of JPA 2.0 API. For Part II please read JPA Criteria API by samples – Part-II and...
  • JPA Criteria API by samples – Part-II
    on Sep 23, 2010 in HowTo &amp; Tutorial criteria jpa sql
    you can read first part from JPA Criteria API by samples – Part-I some more examples with JPA criteria API Simple Join query long category=200L; Query query = entityManager.createQuery("select s from OrderItem s " + "where
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