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Latest Blog Posts for Kitchen Retro

  • No Baking Drudgery
    on Mar 22, 2014 in 1910s ads retro baking
    He's dreaming about...let's see, it looks like a house with a big front lawn. That would require a lot of mowing. Which isn't "LIGHT housekeeping," but, whatever. And she seems to be dreaming of - it looks like an oven. That's she's wearing as an ear...
  • Serpent Potatoes and Irish CoffeeSo it's St. Patrick's Day...and I suppose I should be wearing my green cardigan but I always figured that since I have green eyes I don't really have to do anything special. I am part Irish and so is my dear spouse and we have an Irish last name but.
  • Outdoor Romances, Wrecked IndoorsI've always liked retro ads with disembodied heads in them. I don't know why, really. I even have a Pinterest board devoted to them (speaking of which, if you're on Pinterest and we're not already following each other, please let me know!). This one'...
  • Color Bright AnxietyIt's never too late to start your daughter on the road to anxiety over her hair, mothers! And if you have to start by turning her into a bizarre Mini-Me at the age of 8, well, so be it.I have seen ads from the 1940s urging mothers to perm their daugh...
  • Chicken Pie MoldsFool your guests or your family - whoever is at your dinner table, in short - with these Chicken Pie Molds! Just fill them up with leftover chicken or turkey and, I guess, bake them. Everyone will think you are serving them Cornish game hens, maybe.
  • Fred and Venida
    on Mar 13, 2014
    1946 adFred the Hairstylist was a "famed hairdresser to glamorous New Yorkers" from the mid 1930s to at least the late 1950s, according to several little ads I've found. But my attempts to delve into the mysteries of Fred have not been as successful...
  • Tumble Toasted Talk
    on Mar 13, 2014 in 1950s ads blogging breakfast Cereal
    It is just too much work  first thing in the morning, this sort of thing. The leaves, the melon balls, the artfully arranged Krispies floating (but not for long) on the milk that you poured...into a melon half. Nope, not going to even try that.
  • Some Victorian Piano CoversHow do you keep your piano in the best condition? When I was a child I remember how dusty and out of tune the 1920s upright used to get, no matter how much we dusted and took care of it. We were not, unfortunately, in the market for a Steinway P...
  • The Legendary Baby Grand PianoA player piano from 1914I was thinking about my piano years the other day, because the holiday season is around the corner (approximately) and that is my time to play the piano once again. I took piano lessons for 6 years as a teenager, and though th...
  • The Beech Is Back
    on Sep 5, 2013 in 1890s ads 1950s ads chewing gum
    Before we ease the tension and pass the gum around I would like to know what a Beech Nut is, and why it is involved with chewing gum. I never really thought about it before but I wanted to write about this great 1958 ad. I love ads that show old pack...
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