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Latest Blog Posts for VGNtertainment

  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Announced!Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, nor is this a dream. Uncharted 3 is officially announced! When I read the headline I was just shocked, but turns out it is true, and all our dreams are coming true! I guess Christmas really is a magical t...
  • Christmas Wishlist Competition
    on Dec 8, 2010 in Wishlist video games Christmas
    Well, as you all know, Christmas is coming soon and you need to get your gaming wishlists ready! Well, I will post my top 10 most wanted gaming-related items, but this time, with a twist. I will give hints, some hard ones and some easy ones, and you'...
  • Killzone 3: A Feature We Begged for in Killzone 2
    on Dec 5, 2010 in Killzone 3 ps3 Killzone
    It has just been announced that the much-anticipated Killzone 3 will feature split-screen multiplayer. If you're a Killzone fan you might have noticed that Killzone 2,unfortunately, did not have split-screen multiplayer. But that is all in the past.
  • Should You Buy All the GT5 Crap?
    on Nov 29, 2010 in Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 5
    You guys probably heard that GT5 is being judged based on the really minor glitches and bad details the game has, and reviewers aren't looking at the game as a whole but just looking at the bad parts of the game. If you don't know what Gran Turismo...
  • Black Ops Kicks Ass
    on Nov 20, 2010 in Black Ops Modern Warfare
    I'm sure most of you have bought one of the most anticipated games this year, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, I bought it too and I have to say, the Modern Warfare 2 killer is here! First off let's start with the single player campaign. Sure, when we...
  • More Super Meat Boy Character Announced
    on Nov 17, 2010 in Super Meat Boy
    If you are like me, you're probably excited for Super Meat Boy. And with new character announcements getting better and better, could anyone not like it? Well, there are two more characters announced for Super Meat Boy, and those are Headcrab from Ha...
  • Some Great GT News
    on Nov 15, 2010 in Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 5
    I know, I know, I've been talking a lot about Gran Turismo lately, but it's not my fault! A lot of news about Gran Turismo has been going around lately, with the delay of the release date and the stamping of discs and all that other news. But this ti...
  • Remeber the Broken TV Due to Kinect?
    on Nov 15, 2010 in Penny Arcade Kinect
    Remember when I wrote about the dude who broke his brand-new TV while using the Kinect? Well, Penny Arcade just released a comic strip that I just couldn't resist not showing it to you guys. Well, here it is: Comment and let me know what you think ab...
  • You Buy Black Ops, You Buy Another Game Too
    on Nov 9, 2010 in Black Ops Call of Duty
    2:12 PM Black Ops just released a few hours ago, and it was discovered that not only do you get the incredible campaign and multiplayer action, you also get a little extra something. After entering the game, you are introduced to the menu. It's...
  • Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas?
    on Nov 8, 2010 in new vegas Fallout
    11:23 AM Yesterday I just bought Fallout: New Vegas from the local video games store, and I thought it would be interesting to list the differences between Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and to help you decide which one you should buy. Well, first...
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