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Latest Blog Posts for The Cadence Goes On...

  • "How did humans get to life?"
    on Feb 6, 2016 in sunnySonny
    Just this evening-A: How did humans get to life, I mean how was the first person born?Me: Well, earth has water and that led to some biological and chemical processes which created living things. First life started in water, then living beings evolve...
  • Symbol of the day
    on Feb 1, 2016 in sunnySonny
    The public school system here is quite relaxed. A enjoys it though, because there are always non-academic dimensions to grow in too, like developing social sensibilities, leadership, music, PE etc. He goes to school until 3:00 pm and then goes to an...
  • What if an asteroid hits the earth again?
    on Jan 31, 2016 in sunnySonny
    A: "Amma, what if an asteroid hits the earth again? Will we all die, like the dinosaurs?"Me: "Well, I think there is a greater chance of us knowing about an approaching asteroid because we have telescopes and know more astronomy than the dinosaurs. S...
  • Why do we have floods?
    on Jan 31, 2016 in sunnySonny
    "Amma, do you know when a flood happens? It rains a lot, and doesn't stop and the seas fill up with a lot of water and overflow."Me: "Why do you think the rain doesn't stop?"Him: "The clouds held their pee too long and can't stop!"...
  • Is 5 odd or even?
    on Jan 31, 2016 in sunnySonny
    First my son was taught, about odd and even numbers: "If you can split a number equally into two groups, it is even. Otherwise it is odd."A couple of weeks back he said to me, "Amma, ask me if 5 is odd or even".I said, "Is 5 odd or even?"Him: "Even.
  • Is God real?
    on Jan 30, 2016 in sunnySonny
    Conversation with my son last evening-Him: "Was Martin Luther King real?"Me: "Yes"Him: "How do you know?"Me: "Well there are books about him and people have weitten about his life "Him: "Is Krishna real?"Me: "Hmm what do you think?"Him: "I think so.
  • Lego Creations
    on Jan 25, 2016 in sunnySonny
     Inspired by Anikin Skywalker's RacerSwordLight Saber...
  • Infinity
    on Jan 21, 2016 in sunnySonny
    Have you heard of number rhymes to teach kids how to write numbers? I didn't know about these until my son was taught these rhymes and he enjoyed them so much, he loved saying them.E.g.:And the one for '8'-8: Mr Eight, don't be late,Make an 'S' and c...
  • WOW!
    on Jan 17, 2016 in sunnySonny
    There are so many precious kid memories I cannot bear to lose, so I have decided to note them in this blog with the label 'sunnySonny', going forward!My kindergarten boy's teacher has a 'behavior chart' in class with various levels. Every day all kid...
  • Happy Birthday Dr King!
    on Jan 17, 2016 in sunnySonny
    A few months back, in summer, my son, my husband and I went to a trail to go rollerblading. My son stepped off the car and ran a few yards away and stopped by a tree where a homeless black woman was camping out. The woman, who was clearly a crazy per...
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