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Latest Blog Posts for 2012 Apocalypse

  • 2012 : Can Our Sun Produce a Killer Flare?
    on May 5, 2012
    2012: Can Our Sun Produce a Killer Flare? The longer answer is a little more involved. Whilst a solar flare from out Sun, aimed directly at us, could cause secondary problems such as satellite damage and injury to unprotected astronauts and blackou...
  • 2012 Apocalypse : No Killer Solar Flare
    on Dec 23, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    2012 Apocalypse : No Killer Solar FlareWritten by Ian O'NeillWe could be in for a huge firework display in 2012 Apocalypse. The Sun will be approaching the peak of its 11-year cycle, called "solar maximum", so we can expect a lot of solar activity. S...
  • A Pleiadian Message from James Gilliland re 2012
    on Oct 26, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    A Pleiadian Message from James Gilliland Re 2012Apocalypse 2012You Are Going To See Great Changes Between Now And November 2011There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the dist...
  • 2012 Galactic Alignment
    on Oct 23, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    2012 Apocalypse Caused by Galactic Alignment ?One of the key pieces of information discussed with reference to the 2012 apocalypse subject (2012ology) is a long anticipated alignment with the galactic centre, that is, with the very core of the Milky...
  • 2012 Apocalypse Theories
    on Sep 21, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    2012 Apocalypse TheoriesI was wondering how many theories i could find that pointed to or involved the year 2012 apocalypse , then i went and looked up the subject of doomsday 2012 prophecy or predictions of enlightenment 2012. The following is what...
  • The Maya Katun Prophecies
    on Aug 30, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    The Maya Katun Prophecies 2012 apocalypse The term "Mayan Calendar" fairly often these days. It's usually in association with its "end date," or maybe linked with some sort of prophecy put forth by modern "would-be" prophets of both Native American...
  • 2012 What Will Happen
    on Aug 30, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    Apocalypse 2012, What Will Happen ? Perhaps the most significant event of our time is the bombardment of a neutron star August 27, 1998 for five full minutes precisely five years to the day when Mars for the first time in ancient history came closes...
    on Aug 21, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    PREDICTIONS FOR 2010 It appears open to interpretation as to whether December 2012 apocalypse will bring total destruction or a transformation of our world. So, below are prophecies (not necessarily Mayan) for 2012: 1. There have been three or four...
  • 2012 Judgement Day
    on Aug 18, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    2012 Judgement Day December 21, 2012: Judgment Day By David Brooks Science can neither confirm nor discredit the validity of many religiously or prophetically deemed judgment days of the future, the soonest of which will be arriving December 21, 20...
  • Memories of Lemuria-2
    on Aug 18, 2011 in 2012 apocalypse
    Memories of Lemuria-2 2012 Apocalypse Among the past lives that human beings memorize, particularly those that beings with very high consciousnesses memorize in their auras, the most precious life should be that in Lemuria, or Mu (Mooh) continent, w...
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