My other personal blog - mostly wallpapers and icons for Doctor Who and Supernatural. Also my fanfiction links and other TV obsessions.

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Latest Blog Posts for Pile O' Shite

  • Nor Hell a Fury
    on Dec 18, 2016 in fan fiction writing
    I’m baaack! And I bring writings! Ladies, gentlemen, boths and neithers, I give you:Title: Nor Hell a FuryRated T for some shooting, some fire, an emu, some friendship and hurt/comfort, our favourite pansexual Devil, and some good old-fashioned...
  • Fanfic alertActually done some writing. For reasons I've probably been over and over in recent posts, things are looking mostly up for a change and I’ve felt like working on things again.Ladies, gentlemen, boths and neithers, I give you:Title: Faith in the Pat...
  • In Plain Sight - a Daredevil fic
    on Aug 23, 2015 in fan fiction daredevil writing
    In Plain Sight - a Daredevil ficActually done some more writing. I’m still working on getting my own novel published, but since that’s going slower than an asthmatic ant carrying heavy shopping, this is tiding me over.Ladies, gentlemen, boths and...
  • Wow - it's been years!
    on Aug 23, 2015 in whoops it's been a while
    Well no, it's been a year. Just over.I am still alive, believe it or not. It's just that for some reason I've forgotten to actually post anything here...
  • Sherlock Supernatural crossover - the return!Once upon a time, I did a fic called A Study in Shapeshifting - a Sherlock and Supernatural crossover. I really enjoyed it, but that was another life, another me. I was living in Hong Kong and writing for fun. Then it started to become obvious that m...
  • For vonbeeFor vonbee: saw your comment and thought of something I made back in the day....:)...
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye fic
    on Jun 17, 2013 in black widow hawkeye fan fiction writing
    A one-shot. As a sequel to another one-shot. Ahem.Title: Butterfingers Rating: Rated K+ \ Gen (because WEAPONS).Summary:Sequel to 'Enough Rope', but this can be read without it. Clint is healing. Natasha is… helping. Special guest cameo by Tony Sta...
  • Public Service AnnouncementThis is Connor Trinneer:This is Grant Bowler:This is Connor Trinneer:This is Grant Bowler:This is Connor Trinneer:This is Grant Bowler:This is Connor Trinneer:This is Grant Bowler:You're welcome.
  • Finally a fic!Hehehehehe.Said I probably wouldn't do it.I did.Back in July, said I couldn't finish it.I did.Title: A Study in ShapeshiftingRating: Rated T (for naughty words).Summary:Sam and Dean track down what they think is a shapeshifter. Problem: it’s now in...
  • Burn Notice fic
    on Jan 28, 2013 in fan fiction burn notice writing
    As always, never thought I would. But I did:Title: Pay It With FlowersRating: Rated T (for naughty words).Summary:Sam asks Michael - but ends up getting Fi - to help an Irish-born florist who's been scammed out of her holiday. Easy, you say? You must...
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