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Latest Blog Posts for The Chapters

  • No More Pains with Knee Strengthening Exercises
    on Mar 1, 2012
    Not all knee pains are related only to age-related conditions, in fact even younger ones on their 20s are experiencing the throbbing pain on knees. For those who are experiencing knee pain after running or knee pain after bending, the following moves...
  • "I Cut it Off!" Do Eyelashes Grow Back?
    on Feb 27, 2012 in Skin Care Beauty and Hygiene
    A big event of the year is about to happen. And probably, it's the most-awaited moment you've ever waited for so long and you want to stand-out with a sparkly and expressive eyes paint with gorgeous eyeshadow and lighter mascaras. As you are desperat...
  • Burgers and Hotdogs: Cancer-Causing Foods?
    on Feb 26, 2012 in Nutrition
    Children and adults, many of us do love eating food chain meals like burgers and hot dog sandwiches, don't we? While this is true, eating these foods can somehow cause a threat to our health. Why? Because these food chain  products are actually a ca...
  • Top 3 Best Exercises for Body-Shaping
    on Feb 26, 2012 in Diet And Exercise
    Exercising for long haul of works is indeed tiring on your part especially if you are doing all over again yet only ever so slightly apparent results are achieved. I'm sure you do want to shape-in your body with voluptuous curves and shapes. And with...
  • Fitness Model Workout: Understanding Its Basic Principles
    on Feb 25, 2012 in Diet And Exercise
    Ever get tired of having a “pumpy” body shape, working out for hours just to achieve the finest muscle curves? It’s time to drop the bells on the floor and get ready for a more realistic fitness model workout at your own expense. Not a real sho...
  • A Simple Guide to Proper Breathing Exercise
    on Feb 25, 2012 in Diet And Exercise
    For an ordinary person a proper breathing exercise may seem  less priority, remains to be an essential health measure to keep healthy as much as possible. If there is a normal respiration , the amount of carbon dioxide waste breathe out can help the...
  • Discovering the Wonder Benefits of Honey
    on Jan 26, 2012 in Nutrition
    Many young women around the globe are hoarding for skin products to maintain or perhaps achieve a youthful-looking skin. Products of different brands have been the most immediate solutions to almost all skin problems. In Asia, women are obsessed with...
  • Understanding How Simple Things Can Hurt Relationships
    on Jan 23, 2012 in Relationships
    Which do you think would last longer: the agony cause by unfaithfulness of partner or the aggravation of looking at a big pile of dirty and smelly dishes in the sink? On most people, they believe it's the intimate betrayal. But for a psychologists in...
  • Yogurt And Its Health Benefits
    on Jan 7, 2011 in Nutrition
    Yogurt is widely known as a diary product primarily produced by a bacterial fermentation of milk. It contains "probiotics", good bacteria that helps digestion. Yogurt also contains lots of nutrients that are proven beneficial to our body. P...
  • 10 Reasons to Love the Benefits of Calamansi
    on Dec 24, 2010 in Nutrition
    Calamansi or Kalamansi in Tagalog language is widely known in tropical countries like in Southeast Asia particularly in the Philippines. This amazing citrus fruit is always part of Filipino cooking recipes because of its sweet and sour taste that eve...
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