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Latest Blog Posts for Healthy Life

  • Preventing Back Pain
    on Mar 10, 2011 in Tips back pain
    Back pain makes this life not pleasant. Body position change and movement capabilities are limited. This pain comes from the damage of spinal cord, spinal connective soft tissue, structure changes in the curvature of the spine, muscle injury or spina...
  • Maintaining and Improving Memory
    on Mar 9, 2011 in Tips brain
    Ability to remember must be not same in every person. But, the same way can be used by every person to maintaining and improving memory. The way it’s simple and easy to put into practice. Are you remember with alphabetical order? If yes, then w...
  • Healthy Sleep
    on Mar 8, 2011 in Tips sleep treatment
    Sleeping is a basic human need like eating and drinking. People who do not sleep in a certain time must be physically different from the people who have enough sleep. Ibnu Qayyim said “Those who pay attention to sleep and awaked of Rasulullah S...
  • Soft Drinks: A Favorite Killer
    on Feb 14, 2011 in Family Health soft drink
    Do you like to drinks? Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Miranda, Sprite, or hundreds of other types of soft drinks? If the answers is “yes”, then stop it for a moment and read this article below. If you consume soft drink, so you have to poison your ow...
  • Overcome Stress While Quitting Smoking
    on Feb 6, 2011 in Tips smoke stress
    Not easy for a smoker to stop smoking, one of which is stress-stricken when not smoking. But there are ways you can do to reduce stress while quitting smoking. “Nicotine dependence can make a person feel anxious and nervous that often makes peo...
  • Cavities Can Cause Cyst
    on Jan 27, 2011 in Disease cavity cyst
    Untreated cavities cause ongoing infections and inflammatory processes. It can cause the outbreak of other diseases, such as cyst and abscesses. Cyst that arise due to the ongoing inflammation process in cavities called radicular cyst. Common symptom...
  • Foods to Stress Affects FertilityA lot of factors affect a woman’s fertility. Ranging from food, age, until level of stress. Ignore those factors can complicate the pregnancy. In order to plan a healthy pregnancy, find out the secret behind a woman’s fertility level. Str...
  • Beauty With LemonPeople say to look beautiful, it is necessary sacrifice. This is true, but the sacrifice was not to be expensive. Often the ingredients that we dispose of it can be used to make skin more beautiful. One of them is lemon peel. Want to know what the re...
  • Chronic Infection Trigger Meningitis
    on Jan 23, 2011 in Disease infection meningitis
    People often underestimate the complaint mild symptoms of infection in the tooth cavity or ear canal. Whereas pain in the ear canal ot tooth cavity may be a natural warning of the body that detects the occurrence of infection. If it is left then viru...
  • Dyslexia Affects Many Men
    on Jan 17, 2011 in Men's Health children dyslexia
    Result of a recent study in the United States indicates, dyslexia or learning disorder in school children probably affects more boys than girls. According to research published in the Medical Journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the experts found that me...
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