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Latest Blog Posts for Japanese Food

  • Recipe - Takikomigohan
    on Jan 7, 2011 in Recipe - Takikomigohan
    Takikomigohan spice up our dining at home from the usual white rice that most often is what our meals are based around. Takikomigohan is rice that is cooked up with whatever you are keen on throwing into the pot. It is an efficient way to use up...
  • Recipe - Karashisumiso Octopus からし酢みそKarashisumiso is a great dressing to have on hand in the kitchen. It is based on sweet white miso made from rice that is thinned out with rice wine vinegar and Japanese karashi mustard. It is particularly great in the summertime as it is refreshi...
  • Japanese Popcorn
    on Aug 19, 2010 in recipes
    Looking for a healthy alternative to chips we have been making a lot of popcorn at home lately. We have tried a variety of toppings, including mattcha jio (mattcha flavored salt) - which did not work out. One of my favorites is sprinkling on some aos...
  • Sesame Vegetables
    on Aug 18, 2010 in vegetables recipes
    I am often asked for tips to help kids eat vegetables. One of my favorite quick and easy recipes is this sesame dressing. Crush some toasted sesame seeds (white or black) in a mortar and pestle. Add a bit of sugar and soy sauce to taste. That's it. T...
  • Simmered Kabocha 南瓜の煮物
    on Aug 6, 2010 in vegetables recipes
    Kabocha is one of my favorite Japanese vegetables. Much like a pumpkin, but with a denser, sweeter flavor. This dish is a bit labor intensive in prep, but definitely worth the few extra steps. I remember at culinary school, at the French Culinary Ins...
  • Miso 味噌
    on Jul 24, 2010 in miso
    Miso, the fermented paste made from soybeans, is used in a variety of dishes in our home. The sweet white kome miso, based on rice, is used for salad dressings, with nerigoma (toasted sesame paste), and as a marinade for fish with mirin and sake. We...
  • One of Japan's Best Sesame Oils - Yamada Seiyu 京都の山田製油
    on Jul 23, 2010 in ingredients
    While working at Takashimaya department store I was exposed to a variety of ingredients and producers. It was a treat to be able to meet different purveyors, taste many different products, and develop a palate for Japanese ingredients. This sesame oi...
  • Hiyashi Chuka Noodles
    on Jul 20, 2010 in recipes
    In the summertime we love to make cold ramen noodles topped with vegetables. Our favorite dressing is based on nerigoma, a paste made from toasted sesame seeds. It is very different from tahini which has a raw taste to it, the nerigoma is actually mo...
  • Sun Noodles Tonkotsu Ramen アメリカで豚骨らーめん
    on Jul 7, 2010 in ramen
    From time to time we make ramen at home. Sun Noodles is our favorite brand. The texture and thickness of the ramen noodles is perfect for us, and the seasoned flavor packets included in the packs are delicious. Here is a tonkotsu ramen we made at hom...
  • Hotate Takikomi Gohan 帆立ご飯 Scallops and Rice
    on Jun 28, 2010 in seasonal seafood rice
    Takikomigohan is rice steamed with different ingredients. It can be as simple as green peas or as complicated as several different ingredients such as a gomokugohan. Gomokugohan would have five different ingredients in the rice pot with the rice like...
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