Lupus Alae (Latin for Wolf Wings) candidly shares spiritual musings and philosophical wanderings, and advocates for religious tolerance. Druid perspective.

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Tags: spirituality, reflection, tolerance, Druidry, philosophy

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Latest Blog Posts for Lupus Alae

  • 5 Reasons
    on Jan 6, 2011 in 5 Reasons blogging series new year
    I'm starting my blogging in the new year with a new series (yes, I know that Wolf Prints didn't work out all that well, but that will hopefully be revived later in the year as I know now why it fell flat) of posts titled "5 Reasons." The first will b...
  • 5 Reasons why you should question your religion(Note: I am not suggesting that any particular religion or spiritual path is inferior to any other. It is my conviction that everyone should at some point question what they believe.)Why should you question your religion? Not every point here may app...
  • My daughter, green-child
    on Dec 17, 2010 in spirit nature life love earth children
    I've been musing lately on how quickly babyhood deserts children, how soon they grow past the extra-rich sweetness of those first-blooming stages. My third (and last) baby will be two before spring comes again, and I have been willing gentle Time to...
  • Holiday healingThere is an abundance of peppermint in my house right now, far more than at most other times of the year. It makes me smile to myself, because peppermint is one of my favorite natural remedies for a lot of different things.What's not to love about pe...
  • Dogwood & vine: Place-scaping
    on Nov 27, 2010 in trees place
    I need trees.I've always known I was more affected by my physical environment than most; wall me into a huge city and I wither as surely as a forgotten houseplant. Give me a room with a balcony opening onto a gorgeous natural panorama and a barely-th...
  • I have Seen, and didn't know
    on Nov 24, 2010 in dreams revelations perspective signs
    A fantastic post by Damh the Bard the other day got me thinking about dreams, and about signs and how often we miss them. How often have we each been given extraordinary gifts of insight or foresight, the path laid in front of our feet, and inadverte...
  • Special: To the burning, effervescent coreSo many people wander through life asking Why am I here?I don't have to ask anymore. And it 'only' took 28 years from birth to here!From the very beginning of conscious thought, as far back as memory stretches, I have found myself set apart. Differen...
  • Yellow rosesI'll admit it: There are a few things that send my normally sunny temperament into derriere-twitching fits. The yellow rose incident pushed one of those big red "Do Not Push" buttons.It was 2004 or so, and I was sitting in the midst of a beautiful ca...
  • Samhain 2010
    on Nov 2, 2010
    This was the first year I have actively taken time out of our notably hectic Halloween festivities, once the kids settled down and went to bed with visions of their overflowing treat bags dancing in their heads, for Samhain itself. Not just a head fu...
  • Dual blogging
    on Nov 2, 2010
    I've decided that, for now, I'll put my philosophical/spiritual-leaning posts here, and both these and my day-to-day random thoughts at another blog. This way, folks who don't care for random life details won't be subjected to them, and I can tighten...
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