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    on Jan 19, 2011 in DYSMENORRHEA
    1. Definition2. Types of dysmenorhea3. Causes 4. Symptoms5. Factors influencing6. Treatment1. What is dysmenorrhea?   Dysmenorrhea is the pain or discomfort during or before menstrual period. The medical termfor menstrual cramps is dysmenor...
  • FEVER“If what Proust says is true, that happiness is the absence of fever, then I will never know happiness. For I am  possessed by a fever for knowledge, experience, and creation.” 1. What is fever?2. How temperature is regulated by body?3. What...
  • Sexually transmitted disease  Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are diseases that are normally transmitted through sexual intercourse. They are also called veneral diseases named after the greek god of love Venus. These diseases are spreading rapidly and 85% of th...
  • Large intestineThe large intestine is much wider than the small intestine and is about 5 feet in length. It is differentiated into three parts namely Caecum, Colon, Rectum.Caecum is the first part of the large intestine. It is about 12 cm in length and is produced...
  • Stomach (gaster)The stomach is a 'J' shaped bag or sac like structure ,lying on the left side of the abdominal cavity, just below the diaphragm. It is primarily meant for the purpose of storage and digestion.It is differentiated into five distinct regions, namely ca...
  • Functons of proteins
    on Nov 29, 2010 in proteins functions
    Proteins are essential for growth and maintenance of tissue .Dietary proteins on digestion supply amino acids which are the raw materials for the synthesis of various tissues.They are also responsible for the synthesis of enzymes ,polypeptide hormone...
  • UlcerUlcer : Ulcer is an open inflamed sore . It is formed when there is an imbalance between the digestive power of enzymes and defensive power of gastric and duodenal mucosa. Ulcre of digestive tract is called peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcer when present in...
  • Small intestineThe small intestine is a coiled tube of about 22 feet in length and lies behind the stomach . It is differentiated into three regions namely duodendum,jejunum and ileum.Duodendum is the first part of small intestine. It is short and is about 10 inche...
  • Share your tips with us and our readers
    on Nov 27, 2010 in SUbmit your tips
    Hello friends,  we are new  and we lack content on this blog to satisfy our readers, as everyone knows some or the other health or beauty tip so we expect u to send us some tips related to health,body,beauty to us, your content will be publ...
  • How to remove dandruff??
    on Nov 27, 2010 in Hair care
    Massage your scalp daily with coconut oil. It will also help in generating new hairApply coconut oil boiled with small peices of onion for about 20 minutes. And later wash it off with a mixture of green gram powder and water drained from cooked riceA...
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