A nutritionist's candid thoughts. Research-supported, opinion-infused write-ups on everything from what I have in my refrigerator and why, to how you can lose the 10 pounds you put on over Thanksgiving. With a few chuckles along the way.

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Latest Blog Posts for Revival of the Foodist

  • 5 Foods You'll Usually Find in My Kitchen
    on Jan 16, 2011
    I will admit that I was not always a role model when it came to my profession.  Far from it.  My evolution as a good eater has been slow and steady, punctuated by headlong plummets into sugar land.   On the first day of school for...
  • My Little Raw Dairy Experiment
    on Jan 9, 2011 last post made an impression on my boyfriend, Seth.  He was reminded that raw dairy might be an option for us, and decided he wanted to start drinking milk again, damn it.  I ha...
  • More on Protein Powders!
    on Dec 30, 2010
    This week, I'll continue with my protein powder dissection.  As I've iterated over and over, I do not condone protein powders as mainstays in people's diets - it hurts my soul to think of you guys subsisting on weird, flavored powders.  Rea...
  • Soy Protein?
    on Dec 16, 2010
    Would you eat this TV?Happy Holidays!  Before the official post begins, I want to make a shameless plug for the latest addition to the blog - my new store!  Please keep my nutrition therapy services and food sensitivity testing in mind when...
  • Losing the Thanksgiving Weight You Just Gained (Part 2)
    on Dec 7, 2010
      In the last post I told you how NOT to gain the holiday weight in the first place.  This time, we'll talk about how to lose it, since we all know you're going to gain it, no matter whose blog you're reading. Here are 5 rules to obey, star...
  • Losing the Thanksgiving Weight You Just Gained
    on Nov 30, 2010
    Well, Thanksgiving is over and what some of you are left with are 7 pounds of turkey, 1 sliver of pumpkin pie, a whole lot of corn casserole, and 5 new pounds of fat on your belly and butt.  But you can't be surprised, right?  It happens ev...
  • Closing Thoughts (for now) on the Paleo Diet
    on Nov 22, 2010
    Throughout my ongoing research on hunter-gatherer/Paleolithic eating, I've had a tortuous train of thoughts.  Actually, let's be honest - it's been pretty bipolar up in here.  Here's a cognitive rundown, in order.1. Grains and legumes are r...
  • Paleolithic Postulations Part 2
    on Nov 16, 2010
    A modern-day hunter gatherer.  Looks pretty healthy to me...So as not to bog (blog) you down with too many words at one time, I've broken up my segment on Paleo eating into at least 2 posts.  Here's part 2.To start things off, here's a litt...
  • Paleolithic Postulations
    on Nov 7, 2010
    What would you say if you found out that the very foods you have been told would promote good health were actually the cause of your general malaise?  Well, it could be true.  Turns out those whole grains and legumes (beans) aren't necessar...
  • Goodbye, cashews. I will love you always...
    on Oct 26, 2010
    Those of you who have spent any time around me during meal times know that I am a very, very finicky eater.  "What do you mean you can't eat olive oil, Neely?  That's ridiculous!"  I know it's ridiculous.  Olive oil is delicious.&...
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