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Latest Blog Posts for Mdblogger

  • Are you a Facebook addict?There is no need to convince you that Facebook addiction is reality in today's world. So many people suffer from it and so many of them don't even realize they are addicted. Day after day people spend countless (and priceless) hours in internet so...
  • Why do we yawn?Yawns are fascinating. The fact that it is triggered by a lot of specific emotions varying from tiredness, boredom, to being sleepy is just interesting. What is more fascinating is that yawns are somewhat contagious as you can yawn just after you...
  • Which sleep position is healthiest?Typically people sleep in the position that feels most comfortable in that moment. You probably have one or two frequented positions you rely on to get to sleep fast. It might surprise you to learn that your sleep position matters at all. What dif...
  • What are the symptoms of floating rib?
    on Oct 17, 2012
    The term “floating rib” is used to refer to a specific anatomical structure and to a disorder which could better be termed a “slipped rib.” Both, as one might imagine from the name, involve the ribs, curved bones found in vertebrates. The...
  • What are the causes, types and treatment modalities of anemia
    on Oct 16, 2012
    Anemia is a blood condition that affects approximately 3.5 million Americans. Women are at higher risk of developing anemia than men. People who have other diseases such as cancer have a higher tendency to develop anemia. Anemia can become a very...
  • iPhone Can Detect Ear InfectionResearchers have developed an iPhone accessory they call the Remotoscope to turn an iPhone into an otoscope -- that thing doctors usually put into your ear to peer inside. The Remotoscope puts a scope over the lens and flash on an iPhone making...
  • Social Media fueling Anxiety, Stress, Internet Addiction
    on Oct 12, 2012
    There's been a massive amount of hype recently about how having a social media presence is essential for a successful business. The perceived wisdom says that your business will fail to flourish without a Facebook Fan page and frequent Tweets. I&...
  • How to get rid of Exam StressExam stress is an exaggerated feeling of anxiety over one's performance in exams. We can take exams stress free, no matter what kind of exam it is. Its only when you know what is causing you stress and accordingly using the following tricks to make y...
  • Red Light Therapy | Look Years Younger, Reduce Wrinkles, Ease PainRed light therapy for anti aging purposes is a form of LED light therapy, also called photo rejuvenation. This procedure uses Light Emitting Diodes directly pointed to the skin to promote a younger and healthier skin. Red light therapy is complete...
  • Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks
    on Aug 10, 2012
    Performance enhancing drugs, as the name suggests, are typical drugs that can be taken for increasing one's performance. These drugs are basically steroids taken by athletes and sportsperson who are genuine professionals. Also, certain other hormo...
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