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Latest Blog Posts for Fair and Unbalanced

  • Loss LeadersIt is being reported that to reach an agreement to fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown the parties are only $5 billion apart, with Republicans insisting on $39 billion in cuts, while Democrats are willing to cut $34 billion.  They a...
  • Effect and Cause
    on Apr 8, 2011 in Music Congress economy
    "You can't take the effect and make it the cause."  The White Stripes song "Effect and Cause" perfectly captures Republican attempts to blame the Democrats for the problems they have caused in this whole budget mess. Take it away Congresswoman...
  • Palette Cleanser: Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (starring Jack White)
    on Apr 8, 2011 in Music Indie
    Two Against One by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, with Jack White.
  • Travesty Of Justice
    on Apr 7, 2011 in law and justice
    Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas has written two opinions in the last couple of weeks that further cement his reputation as result-oriented and heartless.  Unfortunately, he was able to cobble together a majority for each decision, which tells u...
  • Wilco Wednesdays: California Stars
    on Apr 6, 2011 in Music Wilco
    California Stars by Wilco and Billy Bragg...
  • Paul Ryan's Pitch
    on Apr 6, 2011 in Reich Obama politics economy
    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) We here at Fair and Unbalanced have written again and again (see, e.g., Obama Announces Reelection, Macro Economics, Why Can't Democrats Do The Right Thing, Crazy-Making Democrats) about our utter frustration with the failure...
  • Obama Announces Relection - What's a Progressive To Do?
    on Apr 5, 2011 in right wing Obama PAN politics
    In a surprise move (not) President Obama announced, online, that he is running for reelection. Now, for those who have read my posts it should come as no shock that Obama has been a major disappointment to me and so far it has been hard for me to ge...
  • Libya: War Or Peacekeeping?
    on Apr 5, 2011 in war and peace Libya
    Professor Paul Rogers, in a new column in openDemocracy, notes the "uncomfortable parallels" between Afghanistan-Iraq and what is happening in Libya - including the prospect of an extended, complex and costly war."  Rogers points out the surpris...
  • Tax Time
    on Apr 5, 2011 in deficit Reich Obama economy
    Robert Reich's latest post, originally on his blog, argues persuasively that the only way to reduce the long-term budget is to tax the wealthiest Americans who, in stark contrast to their fellow countrymen, have seen their share of the nation's incom...
  • End The Charade
    on Apr 4, 2011 in Death Penalty
    Here is another powerful piece by Judy Kerr, spokesperson and victim liaison for California Crime Victims for Alternative to the Death Penalty, which is a coalition of families, friends, and loved ones of murder victims who oppose the death...
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