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Latest Blog Posts for Tomatos, Oranges & Other Fruit - Short Poetry

  • Keep me out of this one
    on Jun 28, 2014 in Poetry poetry religion
    the lone yellow pebble bore witness to the abduction that took place at midnight the man was bound and gagged and led away as women wept keep me out of this one did you know that a bear needs twenty seven square miles of forest to live? keep me out o...
  • Officer in charge.Says the classic bold type, On the FullScap paper, In the folder on the dusty desk, Of the Satellite police station in Isiolo. The drilling rigs will make no difference to, The cows or the goats or the lives of the people, Who do not live here. The c...
  • My first lie
    on Jun 23, 2014 in Poetry poetry race sex
    I spoke French for thirteen years I say to him And he smiles. More cheese. Soft night yields to love, Rap is the only hard night sound, The White man is out of his depth, Even in French. He leans forward and whispers in my ear but, The first lie was...
  • The Tyranny of doubt.
    on Jun 19, 2014 in Poetry aging dying hippie hope poetry time
    When you are born, You know that you are, Here to change the world, And it is good, And it’s alright, To do your best. Then, You’re checking the curtains, Just in case, You run out of sunshine. -evocative short poetry-Filed under: Poetry Tagged:...
  • I wish we had played on all night.I wish we had played on all night, African cowboys with not much, Else to do, I wish we had challenged the fish in the sea and, Called out to the Bison, My father and his band, And his -strike while the iron is hot- Jive, Johnstone, his brother, On t...
  • Ready to LandThey’ve dimmed the lights getting ready to land service staff buckled down can’t see me pull out my camera, start clicking, clicking down the sci-fi lights, like some Twilight Zone episode where I’m holding my breath, waiting. Waiting for that...
  • SundayThey say that Africans, Will have to fight for a place on the bus, So I am pulling out all the stops. I am burning incense and, Turning out closets, -exorcising demons- I am fumigating my life, Throwing out old clothes and, Trying to curry favour, -s...
  • Three TreesA brook runs through my Grandmas farm, That used to carry gold. My Grandpa -Benjamin- Did not yield the land, To the British, who wanted it dammed. In 1968, they took him in, To have his appendix removed, And Grandma never remarried. My Aunt Alice, W...
  • 747  He is munching on nuts, vigorously, Utilising the muscles he has. He has wonderful eyes, Hawk eyes, Wide set and is, Now eating a banana with a plastic spoon. We both have motioned for a waiter. He is masticating on a blob of Almond paste that...
  • We are leaving them behind  Never mind steel, We are creating new materials, Carbon nano-tubes, poly-ceramics, Twirl a ball above your head, we are Building elevators into space, Stringing massage parlours around the earth, We are engineering ourselves, Computer worlds a...
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