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Latest Blog Posts for Where the Hell Was I?

  • I'll Ask Ya Once, Then Alexa Again
    on Apr 18, 2015 in (Stupid) Computers
    (What's that in the sky? A bird? A plane? One of those newfangled pizza-delivering robo-drones? No. It's science. Specifically, Secondhand SCIENCE. And uber-specifically, this week's post all about the Faraday cage. Check it out -- the details may...
  • Manifest Doofusry
    on Apr 11, 2015 in Weird for the Sake of Weird
    (Jump back, it's science time! As always, that's Secondhand SCIENCE. This week, come and meet mitochondrial Eve. And be cool to her; she's, like, your mom. I don't care who you are -- she's basically your mom. Seriously.) So I'm thinking of taking...
  • Taking Out the Trash (Talk)
    on Apr 4, 2015 in Just Life
    (It may be April, but there's no fooling science. Unless it's Secondhand SCIENCE, possibly. But let's assume not, and form a single-file line to click over for this week's discussion, all about orbital decay. It's the only science article you'll rea...
  • Radio Dazed
    on Mar 25, 2015 in Bits About Blogging
    (Science marches on like a lion... or a lamb. Or something. Anyway, it's spring and a new week and that means a new Secondhand SCIENCE. Hop on over to learn all about glial cells, and what they have to do with Scooby Doo, training gyms and everyone...
  • I'm the Guy and I Don't Know Why
    on Mar 21, 2015 in Work, Work, Work
    (March marches on, and so does science. Namely, Secondhand SCIENCE. This week's wackiness is all about tectonic plates. It's an earth-moving experience. Probably. Check it out.) There's a troubling development at my office recently. It would seem I'...
  • Local Incapacity
    on Mar 14, 2015 in Making Fun of Jerks
    (Spring forward -- into Secondhand SCIENCE. This week's nonsense dives into Alu elements. It'll get you ready for a genetics test -- and spring training. Play science!) I'm being driven into the arms of a monster. And not a fun monster, either. L...
  • Perfectly Rational Fridge-a-phobia
    on Mar 5, 2015 in The Happy Homeowner
    (This week's Secondhand SCIENCE saga is all about radioisotopes. It sounds like some itchy disease you'd get from listening to NPR. But no. It's another thing entirely. Go see.) I've never been drugged in my sleep, kidnapped and whisked off to anoth...
  • Soon, I'll Say the Darnedest Things
    on Feb 28, 2015 in Awkward Conversations
    (Hope over to Secondhand SCIENCE for this week's nonsense, and learn about the zinc finger. I promise it's the least frightening finger I'll ever describe to you. Unless you have a phobia about metal-binding proteins. Or frogs. Or formalwear made fr...
  • Oh, the Wearing Outside is Frightful
    on Feb 21, 2015 in Grooming Gaffes
    (This week in Secondhand SCIENCE silliness: ionizing radiation. It's the most fun you can have without an electron.* * Don't go having fun without an electron, kids. What would your grandmother think? Lord.) With a winter like ours in New England -...
  • Juuuuust a Fridge Outside
    on Feb 15, 2015 in The Happy Homeowner
    (Steal yourself some time to check out this week's Secondhand SCIENCE screed on kleptoplasty. It's got chlorophyll. And corn. Also cannibals, chipmunk nuts and some chick in a bologna suit. As all good science should. Check it out.) I was never all...
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