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Latest Blog Posts for mystiquesunshine

  • 7 exotic things to eat before you die…These are my pick on the top 7 exotic food in random order… 1. Kakori Kabab: There are numerous stories surrounding the famed Kakori Kabab. Legend goes that the Nawab of Kakori lost all his teeth but not the craving for kababs. So the cooks in...
  • Grieving soul…Shadowed by sorrows, life takes a ride; No where to run, no where to hide; I wonder where this path leads; Sorrows turning dreams blind; But still pursues the grieving mind…? Why do dreams help build castles in the air; When your destiny would...
  • Dentists…Knock knock, I entered the room giving a sharp look at the tray; Hello!! said the dentist, here comes my prey; Well.. said he, how are we doing today? Telling you frankly Mr. I wish I could sprint away; Holding his torch n mirror he examines my teeth...
  • Childhood Friends…Spirited soul, carefree mind n a age so divine; Thats how we were when we met the first time; The endless summers, guess it was just my imaginary part; The best friend i ever had till the day we had to part.. Times changed now, life’s moved on;...
  • Ahhh… Its the dentist…
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Writing dentist fear mouthwash tooth
    I’m not sure if its just me but i have feared dentists ever since my first visit to the dental clinic… The mere smell of the clinic would be enough to push my stomach down my knees n make me feel sick… Not hard to forget the smell o...
  • The Dracula saga…
    on Feb 9, 2011 in Writing Dracula vampire
    I happen to be an ardent fan of all the Dracula movies… (Of all the Christopher lee Dracula movies)… But I am still unable to understand the hype about the twilight series… No offense… A Dracula story according to me would be...
  • Never never land
    on Feb 3, 2011 in Poems fantasy happiness poems
    An unstrained fancy, an envisioning of the untrue; Everything s so good then why so blue? A land straight out of a fairy tale, A land out of imagination, a land so true; A conceptualization of a walking dream for the livid minds hues. Cloud nine, sev...
  • Land of palaces…. Mysore…The most dismal part about sightseeing for me is waking up early in the morning n travelling… The entire travelling part till you reach the destination seems endless… Thus started my one day trip to Mysore n as usual I was late… The...
  • So… Whats your sign…???Too much hubbub about the astrological shift in the past few days… The revelation of the 13th zodiac sign created panic n soon became an internet sensation though i was unaware of it for a long time… Its amazing to see how people get atta...
  • A Beautiful MindThoughts of soul, unexpressed; Dreams awakened, fear steps; In a lost state looks at hope, totally blind; Infinite depth of the beautiful mind. Past n present slipping out; Time passes, secrets locked n lost; Unseeing, unyielding, unforgiving kind; I...
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