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Latest Blog Posts for HS Dent Financial

  • Test
    on Nov 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
    It is no secret that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was angry at Republicans. They’d stymied his efforts to confirm President Obama’s appointments for years. He’d had enough and proved it by changing the Senate rules so that appointments bel...
  • Pipeline Denied By US – Expect the Oil to Go to China
    on Jan 18, 2012 in Blog Uncategorized
    The proposed XL Pipeline was rejected by President Obama under the pretense that the proposal had not been around long enough for sufficient study.  Study of what?  It’s a pipeline to bring in oil from Canada through a region that already has a l...
  • Slide #1
    on Jan 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
  • Where Positive Spin Meets Negative Reality
    on Jan 1, 1970 in China
    Is it just me, or does it seem that every time a piece of data comes out, no matter what it is, there is huge media hype to make it appear like a positive?  This morning we are greeted with the news that China’s economy grew at its slowest...
  • Score One for the Brits
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Euro Zone
    Ten days ago the European Community (EC) met in an effort to hash out a deal on saving the euro.  The meeting in and of itself is interesting because the euro is the currency of only 17 countries in what is called the euro zone, which is a subse...
  • The Italian (Non-) Solution
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Euro Zone
    2012 is starting off a lot like 2011 finished, with really big problems and laughable solutions.  The latest installment comes from the Italians.  This country is one of the largest in the euro zone, and did a reasonably good job of staying...
  • Let Me Run FNMA
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Real Estate
      Michael Williams announced that he is leaving FNMA.  The CEO has been at the firm since 1991 and was promoted to run the place in April 2009.  It would be fair to say that he has a great working knowledge of Fannie Mae.  He also...
  • Fed Profits”" of $76 billion Sent To Treasury”
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Federal Reserve
    Today the WSJ reported that the Fed remitted $76.9 billion of profits to the US Treasury last year.  What a load of bull!  To say that the Fed earns a "proft" on what it purchases implies that the Fed could incur a "loss."&#...
  • Please! No more presents from Washington!
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Uncategorized
    We all have that relative, the one that buys you a terrible Christmas gift every year.  Maybe your idea of a terrible gift is the stupid singing fish (Big Mouth Billy Bass), or maybe it is a blouse or necktie that is heinous.  Perhaps you h...
  • Greece Is So Far Gone It Is Almost A Parody Of A Country
    on Jan 1, 1970 in Greece
    It is no secret that the Greek government cannot 1) collect taxes, 2) sufficiently cut their budget, or 3) develop any program that fosters economic growth.  These attributes seem to play out every month, and have been the same for years. ...
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