Join us for a complete discussion of the fitness principles that lead to healthy living. When all of your bodily systems work on all cylinders; you will have a sense of wll being that is well worth all the work. Feel better and have awsome energy.

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Latest Blog Posts for Arbie's Fitness Tips Blog

  • Sugar(Table Sugar)
    on Dec 10, 2009 in Nutrition Weight Loss Strategies
    Sugar(Table Sugar) Sugar is a basic food carbohydrate which primarily comes from sugar cane and from sugar beets, but also appears in fruit, honey, sorghum, sugar maple(in maple syrup), and many other sources. Excessive consumption of sugar has been...
  • Health And Fitness Supplements
    on Nov 11, 2009 in Supplements Vitamins
    Health And Fitness Supplements: Health and fitness supplements augment our food regimen when our current food intake does not support our goals. Example: You want to gain 10 lbs of muscles or you need to increase your immune system strength. We may n...
  • What's Up With Cholesterol?
    on Oct 28, 2009 in Fitness Nutrition diet source
    What's Up With Cholesterol? Cholesterol levels have become a big issue for many in our society these days. We struggle with trying to change our life style to get these levels down. A few have the other side of the coin, with good cholesterol levels...
  • Fitness Tips: A Winning Attitude
    on Oct 18, 2009 in Fitness Strategies
    Fitness Tips: A Winning Attitude A winning attitude is hopefully present in our favorite sports teams this time of year. Baseball, football, golf and basketball all peak this time. There is another struggle that peaks this time of year; the struggle...
  • Fitness Tips Communications
    on Oct 6, 2009 in Fitness
    I want to take this time to thank all of my readers around the world. Most of my posts target American fitness issues, but you must remember America is a melting pot and include peoples from around the globe. I hope you get the information you need f...
  • Fitness Tips Fall 2009
    on Sep 30, 2009 in Fitness Strategies
    These fitness tips are for this time of year because most people fall off their good health habits during the fall. In the cold climate the body is craving foods that help the body keep warm. In the warm climates many of those that are transplants fr...
  • Salt(NaCi)
    on Sep 20, 2009 in News Fitness Nutrition
    Salt(NaCi) Salt(Sodium Chloride) is one of the most important minerals living creatures need.  Table salt contains the electrolytes our bodies need. It's so important but can easily be over or under used. Over use is associated with high blood...
  • Finess For
    on Sep 18, 2009 in Fitness Strategies
    Fitness For African Americans: Southern African Americans and whites are used to very rich and tasty foods. The food is so tasty because most are seasoned with salt pork, smoked pork or fat back. It is good but the cholesterol impact is deadly. Un...
  • H1N1(Swine Flu)H1N1(Swine Flu) The H1N1(Swine Flu) has dominated the air ways of late. Reporting the spread and incidents of deaths. Offering prevention and profiles of those at risk. There seems to be lots of fear and uneasiness, some times even panic. I encourage...
  • Mental Fitness
    on Apr 1, 2009 in Fitness
    Today's conditions call for boldness and creativity. Our mental fitness will help or hinder our ability to navigate today's challenges. Remember we need to be seen as an asset for companies we work for or looking to be hired by. If we are seen as phy...
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