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  • Diseases diaphragm hiccups Singultus
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Diaphragm Disease
    Diaphragm Disease Diaphragmatic breathing the air entering and leaving the most important muscle in the lungs about 2 / 3 third of the movement of the diaphragm is provided. Diaphragm and the esophagus, there are holes to pass through the aorta and v...
  • What is Oxygen Toxicity
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Other Lung Diseases
    High concentrations (70% or more) and for a long time (48 hours) consists of oxygen toxicity in the lungs of adults given continuous oxygen. The main pathological findings of intra-alveolar hemorrhage, alveolar and interstitial fibroblastic prolifera...
  • What is Sarkoidosis
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Other Lung Diseases
    Common systemic granulomatous disease of unknown cause Sarkoidosis are placed in the pulmonary infiltrates. The main places to be seen in lung and intrathoracic lymph nodes. Mediastinum, hilar and perihilar lymph nodes, lung, liver, spleen, skin, eye...
  • What is Bisinosis
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Other Lung Diseases
    Cotton, flax and hemp is a pneumonia caused by inhalation of dust konyosistir. Dust inhalation rate and severity of disease increases intensified. There is an interesting patogenesi disease, a healthy person, cotton, flax and hemp dust inhaled when t...
  • Introduce Allergy Treatment for the disease
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Allergy Asthma Bronchitis
    Treatment Recommendations for Patients with Allergies, How to Prevent Allergy? Environmental units are a last resort, very difficult to diagnose people with allergies or for patients who must rely on an elimination diet uyabileceklerine. Many allergy...
  • What is Pleural Diseases
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Pleural Diseases
    Pleural disease is common and usually secondary to lung disease husule revenues. Anatomy Pleura, lung and pleural cavity is a membrane that covers the years. Visceral pleura of the lung and interlobar fissures cover the entire surface. Remains outsid...
  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)Epidermoid carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma) is a subset of NSCLC. Constitute the most common type (35-40%). Is more common in men than in women. Depending on the prevalence of smoking increases. Other types of lung cancers and more advanced age th...
  • Loeffler Syndrome
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Other Lung Diseases
    Chest radiograph of a temporary nature are infiltration and increased eosinophils in the blood. The disease typically recover up to 2 weeks. The main clinical symptom of a mild cough, fever and fatigue sübfebril. Sometimes these symptoms are absent...
  • Other Lung Infections in pleural fluid, pleural fluid
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Pleural Diseases
    Other lung infections, pneumonia or other causes of pleural fluid. Among these are bronchiectasis and lung abscess. Despite treatment with systemic antibiotics is quite common in empyema. Intraabdominal infections, especially close to diyafrağmaya i...
  • Causes of Allergic Diseases Allergy in infants
    on Mar 26, 2011 in Allergy Asthma Bronchitis
    Causes of allergies in infants On only one or two people to explain the cause of allergies rastlanmasının, but we know the causes of the symptoms. Allergic people, alergenlerine (item they are allergic) reaction to healthy people showed similar res...
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