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Latest Blog Posts for learn quran blog

  • What SINCERITY is about and how to practice.Sincerity is the freeing of one's intentions from all impurities in ordination to become nigher to Allah. It is to secure that the intentions behind all book of worship and submission to God are exclusively for His pleasance. It is the endless thou...
  • Style is a gregarious norm.
    on May 28, 2013 in reading quran reading koran online
    Somebody you e'er thought why we are brought up in a order where pedagogy capital everything? From day one we are pushed in the way of struggling to win noesis. Whether it's our parents, siblings, relatives or friends; everyone who has been finished...
  • Quran is not bound.
    on Apr 5, 2013
    Both period ago, the story came to us in Toronto almost a man who was in the merchant leatherneck and prefabricated his living on the sea. A Islamic gave him a move of the Quran to have. The merchandiser man knew naught near the chronicle of Muslimis...
  • Aid of Salaah.
    on Mar 23, 2013
    Remaining aid of salaah is that it encourages cleanliness, body, lesson and unworldly. The ablution is performed to distil the body of impurities and the ablution is commensurate to status oneself soundly quint state a say. When you are in wuzu, it a...
  • What is IDEALISM and its values.
    on Jan 21, 2013
    INTRODUCTION Idealism is the oldest system of philosophy known to man. Its origins go back to ancient India in the East, and to Plato in the West. Its basic viewpoint stresses the human spirit as the most important element in life. The universe is vi...
  • Detailed values of this system
    on Jan 21, 2013
    I dare to bring forth the underpinnings of the curriculum offerings. This will make "Quranic Values System" radically different from the one we have in practice. In this Quranic Values System, self or personality is the kernel, the core, the hub, or...
  • Quran System having hurdles in the field of education
    on Jan 21, 2013
    "How far are we away from "establishing" institutions - centers imparting the Quranic Picture of Islam through Education and how long will this Picture take to materialize on a large scale from what you see in Pakistan?" It is a very perplexing q...
  • A Social System Based on Quranic Values
    on Jan 21, 2013
    Tolu-e-Islam is purely an intellectual movement that has no political pandemonium, is not involved in creating any sect, or dividing Muslims into groups, or generally causing any kind of disorder and confusion in the Ummah. It is actively engaged in...
  • Education Program and Operational Mechanism
    on Jan 21, 2013
    INTRODUCTION Man is a moral being, free to choose either good or evil, right or wrong. The basic questions are: “what is good? what is evil? why good is good? why evil is evil?”. These questions are the topic of ETHICS where “Laws according to...
  • Iqbal, Quran and Muslim Unity
    on Jan 21, 2013
    Muslims are supposed to work together towards a common goal set by the Quran and shown by the Prophet (PBUH) through his Sunnah. They are brothers and sisters because they are bonded by the common ideology of the unity of God and the unity of humanki...
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