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  • Irish Times - The Story of Why, oh Why?
    on Dec 2, 2012 in spelling typo
    Click for larger pic from paudi in the munster bar,This must surely be a new record for the Irish Times. How many typos can you count in the above sub-head? Sure Ireland the best little country's in the world. According to Weekend Review, p...
  • Improve Irish Schools by Thermostat
    on Nov 28, 2012 in recession
    click to enlargefrom stockie in the tankard;Give them cold classrooms and Irish schools enter the top tier of universal schooling. Trending in Ireland 28th November 2012.Another pint there please....
  • The mystery of the missing hen boxes
    on Oct 13, 2012 in kerryisms
     from Paudie's iphone in Jack Duggan's bar in Castlemaine How to be clear and concise in Kerry.
  • Stumbling into the 21st Century
    on Jul 20, 2012 in Women
    would you like a lemonade?from stockie's high stool in the Tankard;So you thought that bogtrotters live in the 1950's and that such events as the Matchmaking Festival are merely culchie gatherings. Look at the darling creature in the poster. Since wh...
  • Attention to detail important
    on Jun 28, 2012 in spelling typo
    from seanie nancy moylesI just noticed this profile on LinkedIn - it's from a past colleague of mine.My quandry - do I embarrass him by telling him, or do I just ignore it (only the strong survive).
  • Karren Brady v Emily VanCamp
    on Jun 26, 2012 in Women Meejia
    Emily VanCampKarren Bradyfrom stockie's ipad in the tankard;I know, I know. But it's summertime and I'm getting confused. What is 'The Apprentice' judge Karren Brady doing in the Hamptons on that ridiculous show 'Revenge'. And for that matter what is...
  • What was she thinking in 1954?
    on Jun 3, 2012 in Depression Women
    Interrupted at Prayer, originally uploaded by National Library of Ireland.from seanie in ruari'sThere's a book or story here, surely. The weight of scandal in the Catholic church allows to read into this photograph any meaning we wish.Definitely a st...
  • Thin Lizzie - Philip Lynott explains
    on May 30, 2012 in 60s 70s
    from stockie at the greyhound bar;More from the underground press publication Freep in 1971. in an article written by god knows who, a writer who calls our Phil Philip.Philip didn't like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin it appears - he preferred 'a...
  • From The Hippy days of 1971
    on May 23, 2012 in 60s 70s
    Front CoverFrom the Hippy days of 1971This is the front cover of a free broadsheet I got back in the day, in the old Dandelion Market I think.Back coverOver the next few days I'll post the rest of the mag. Serious nostalgia. I can smell the Afghan co...
  • Greece for the holliers
    on Apr 28, 2012 in recession
    from Sean Ban in the snug in the Oyster Tavern;I was sipping a grand pint just now as I wondered about the up-coming holliers when I saw the above in the times.I was thinking of Kilkee but now I don't know. Kilkee, Greece.I suppose the...
  • Household Charge - Just and Necessary
    on Mar 27, 2012 in recession politics
    Household charge €100, Consultant p.a. €200,000 (as if) Job Seeker €188from Seanie in the Tankard;There I was contemplating the creamy head on my pint when a vision appeared to me, just like at Lourdes.What does €100 mean to a person's weekly...
  • Spelling to go
    on Mar 20, 2012 in spelling typo
    Credit Sean BanIt's not right. It's too easy. Ardfert, Sunday afternoon.
  • I Miss the Old Vinals
    on Mar 20, 2012 in spelling typo kerryisms
    Credit (but no fee) to Sean BanThis sign has graced a wall in Tralee for many a year. Unfortunately it has just been removed. This photo purely for posterity.
  • Were have I been?
    on Mar 20, 2012 in Black Dog Depression
    June 2010 was the last post. The chap above is the reason for the long delay.
  • Safe, staid Listowel. For the craic.
    on Jun 15, 2010 in books Listowel
    from agnes at the bar in the listowel arms;"The writer's greatest asset is his indignation"John B. wrote that observation a long time ago, in a different century. In JB's early works from almost 50 years ago, there certainly was indignation. His voic...
  • Mozart a Disgrace in Listowel? Maybe
    on Jun 14, 2010 in books Listowel
    from agnes in the bar at the meadowlands;You may or may not know of the story of Paul O'Mahony who was accosted and challenged by a Listowel Writers' Week (LWW) committee member for recording an event at the festival. "You're a disgrace", she said. I...
  • Sentimentality doesn't win at Listowel
    on Jun 3, 2010 in books Listowel
    from loki in the half-way bar listowel.This being an unusually hot day I sit in the shade of the Half-Way bar, half-way(ish) between Listowel and Tralee. This being Listowel Writers' Week I sit a few kilometres from the festival where the winner...
  • Your moment of Zen
    on May 20, 2010 in Meejia kerryisms
  • Listowel for free !
    on May 17, 2010 in Listowel kerryisms
    from stockie in the munster bar tralee;I was just sinking a nice pint when I came across the above snippet from the Irish Times. No, I don't work for the old lady, but a free trip is a free trip.And Listowel is not too bad a place.Click the pic to en...
  • Mythbuster Speaks Out
    on Apr 20, 2010 in religion
    from seanie in the anvil bar boolteens;Food for The EagleBy Adam SavageGood evening. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to read my speech from my new iPad. Yep. I'm not only a humanist, I'm also an early adopter. I want to start by saying that, to...