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  • Marc Steichen - Elgol Storm
    on Aug 9, 2015
    ​Late evening view from Elgol shore across Loch Scavaig to the Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye, Scotland...
  • Georg Kantioler - Summery thunderstorm
    on Aug 8, 2015
    For me there is nothing better than a violent summer storm over the Dolomites. However, it is rarely possible to take good pictures of it since middle since you are right in the middle of the storm.
  • Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Portrait on the coast
    on Aug 7, 2015
    Turnstones searching for food along the coast of the Black Sea on their way south.
  • Luciano Gaudenzio - Greenland landscape
    on Aug 6, 2015
    Ataa Island is a remote island north of Ilulissat, Greenland. Every year from nearby glacier Eqi Sermia also called "calving glacier", come off massive icebergs that make up the landscape of the island in the stunning fjord, shown here during the...
  • Angel Fitor - Master of disguise
    on Aug 5, 2015
    The algae costume of the crab Acanthonyx lunulatus is a masterpiece of nature´s design. Living tightly linked to Cystoseira algal gardens, its biology is so poorly known that even lacks of vernacular name. It is one of those millions of unsung creat...
  • Werner Bollmann - Hidden Gardens
    on Aug 4, 2015
    Summer at the Baltic Sea, snorkling in warm water, diving into a hidden greenish world of seaweed and algae, where small fish, crabs and snails live their placid life...
  • Sven Začek - Bloody end
    on Aug 3, 2015
    A tasty dinner for one animal is a bloody end to another, who was overwintering somewhere in the depths of a river.
  • Roy Mangersnes - Kittiwakes
    on Aug 2, 2015
    Sometimes we see hundreds of Kittiwakes in front of the blue glacier walls on Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Here they find food among the melting ice, and every time the glacier collapses they take of in a uniform swarm. This particular place there must hav...
  • Jaak Põder - Northern Lapwing
    on Aug 1, 2015
    Panorama out of 12 frames.
  • Bruno D'Amicis - Sidewinding
    on Jul 31, 2015
    A sand viper (Cerastes vipera) sidewinding toward great sand dunes on a hot summer evening.
  • João Cosme - Dragonfly
    on Jul 30, 2015
  • Jonathan Lhoir - Fireworks
    on Jul 28, 2015
    This picture represent a sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) in front of a stream which is sparkling in the sunshine. After a lot of experimenting I found a focus point which gave this effect. Neither the plant nor the background is in focus. The final ima...
  • Yulia Vtyurina - whitish
    on Jul 27, 2015
    Delicate flowers day in May . Modest beautiful forest edges . Fragile heralds the imminent summer.
  • Orsolya Haarberg & Erlend Haarberg - Træna
    on Jul 26, 2015
    The islands of the Træna archipelago emerge from the sea far from the Norwegian mainland. The mountains on the Sanna Island give the well-known profile of the archipelago that is seldom photographed from the west. Beautiful evening light and the ref...
  • Sandra Bartocha - Below the ferns …
    on Jul 24, 2015
    Is it just me ... or do you see the Zorro as well? The image has been taken in a little fern forest ... I loved laying on the damp floor ... all the ferns and trees above me ... could have spent hours there.
  • Laurent Nedelec - wallcreeper
    on Jul 23, 2015
    A wallcreeper in the pyrenean mountain. This little bird usually lives at high altitude, on the cliffs. In the cracks of the cliffs he finds the insects that he eats. During winter you can see him at lower altitude, even on the mediterranean shore...
  • Bruno D'Amicis - The last snow
    on Mar 5, 2011
    This winter scene actually happened on a spring morning, but some snow fell during the night. Walking through the rose bushes, frozen snow creaking under my feet, I startled this hare. Who knows, maybe it was looking for a partner: March is hares' ma...
  • Werner Bollmann - Prepare for landing
    on Mar 4, 2011
    In late afternoon the puffins come back from their fishing grounds to rest on the cliffs. Soon all preferred places on the rock tops are taken. Puffins are really no good flyers and repeatedly a latecomer doesn't manage to land at the right place and...
  • Sven Zacek - I just got my nails done
    on Mar 3, 2011
    I was lucky to meet such a vain character swimming in a river eating fish and frogs. Slowly I crept closer and realized that this was a fancy dinner, because look at the fresh red nailpolish :)...
  • Roy Mangersnes - Quickstep
    on Mar 2, 2011
    Some people claim they hate gulls! I couldn´t disagree more. Gulls are great birds, and they play an important role in our ecosystem. Yes they will shit on you if you walk up to their nest site, but we kill wolfs, bears, lynx and other predators onl...