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I was never supposed to recover from ‘mental illness’… but I did. And now I work in the mental.. health system. This blog shares my personal experience of madness, trauma & recovery. What.. helped, what didn’t. Includes resources for self-help.

Owner: indigodaya

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Other Tags: Mental health, Madness, Human rights, Trauma


Information on Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Child Abuse

Owner: helpstopabuse

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: ritual abuse, mind control, dissociative identity disorder, child abuse, sexual abuse


There are many people that are victims of verbal and domestic violence, and the experience is.. traumatic. Everyday, people, manly women, are assaulted with violent acts and abusive words.

Owner: ranny71

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: Domestic Violence, Neglect, Bullying, Violence


From 1992 - 2011 I worked in Taiwan 3 different periods, totaling more than 12 years. In 2007 I.. became another victim of endemic human rights & legal violations there. For more than 4 years.. this nightmare has turned my & others’ lives inside out

Owner: Curt_Wright

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Human Rights, Injustice, Legal, Taiwan, China


healthy lifestyle, healthy heart, healthy fitness, etc.

Owner: ryuzenith2nd

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Other Tags: healthy lifestyle, healthy heart, healthy eyes, cholesterol


Updates and information on elder law including new litigation and rulings on elder abuse and nursing.. home neglect.

Owner: RussoKeick

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Other Tags: elder abuse, elder neglect, nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, elder attorney


We are currently busy with a case study to get the courts of South Africa to recognize Dissociative.. Identity Disorder...Help us to help others...

Owner: multiplegifted

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Dissociative identity disorder, mental health, SRA, mental disorders


A disturbing graphic memoir of insanity, abuse, brutality, unspeakable acts of sexual molestation,.. self destruction, crime, drugs, death wish of suicide by cop or execution style, selfishness and.. finally immortality.

Owner: elysee

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: blog, journal, life, thoughts


After I finished reading both books, I was grateful for my life, my family and my friends and.. appreciated them a lot more

Owner: urangkali

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: substance, family, books, symptoms


A compulsive urge to binge on alcohol despite awareness of the deep rooted damage can cause damage.. to one's mental and physical health are some of the early symptoms of alcoholism.

Owner: sukhwinderfoss

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: symptoms of alcoholism, signs of alcoholism, signs and symptoms of alcoholism, alcoholism

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