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I was never supposed to recover from ‘mental illness’… but I did. And now I work in the mental.. health system. This blog shares my personal experience of madness, trauma & recovery. What.. helped, what didn’t. Includes resources for self-help.

Owner: indigodaya

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Other Tags: Mental health, Madness, Human rights, Trauma


Updates and information on elder law including new litigation and rulings on elder abuse and nursing.. home neglect.

Owner: RussoKeick

Listed in: Law

Other Tags: elder abuse, elder neglect, nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, elder attorney


Information on Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Child Abuse

Owner: helpstopabuse

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: ritual abuse, mind control, dissociative identity disorder, child abuse, sexual abuse


healthy lifestyle, healthy heart, healthy fitness, etc.

Owner: ryuzenith2nd

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Other Tags: healthy lifestyle, healthy heart, healthy eyes, cholesterol


From 1992 - 2011 I worked in Taiwan 3 different periods, totaling more than 12 years. In 2007 I.. became another victim of endemic human rights & legal violations there. For more than 4 years.. this nightmare has turned my & others’ lives inside out

Owner: Curt_Wright

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Human Rights, Injustice, Legal, Taiwan, China


offering encouragement and inspiration while sharing stories of how God healed me from the effects.. of abuse.

Owner: rice201

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Jesus, devotions, healing, prayer


Creative writers one and all. Share experiences, tips, comments with others in the same profession... Other topics of interest are life experiences.

Owner: Remy_Matthews

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: books, addiction, religion, social issues


Life after abuse: my day to day journey. Join with me as I navigate through everyday.. life--laughing, crying, sometimes functioning, sometimes not, but always surviving.

Owner: MichelleR

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Survivor, Christian, Life


A.J. Mahari, author and life coach, provides self help information on a wide variety of topics.

Owner: ajmahari

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: self help, personal growth, mental health, aj mahari

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