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If ancient aliens visited Earth, who were they, and where did they come from?

Owner: mysticdave

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Other Tags: Ancient Aliens, Television Series, Entertainment, UFOs, Aliens


blog sobre temas de television

Owner: Silva2000

Listed in: Science


UFO sightings, extraterrestrial life, space anomalies, ancient civilizations.

Owner: Alexa123

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Other Tags: ozn,, extraterestrii


Why haven't aliens visited us or left us a calling card? This blog figures out everything we.. can about aliens without meeting one. It discusses Great Filters as well as Asymptotic Technology. .. What are they? Check out the blog to find out...

Owner: srickson45

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: starship, ET, technology, planet


UK Area 51 is a website dedicated to unexplained events and emerging sciences concerning a wide.. variety of topics. Our aim is to provide rich, diverse and stimulating articles around the issues.. that face mankind now and in the future.

Owner: UKAlien

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: UFO, Sightings, Unexplained, Fringe Science, Mysteries


Alien & UFO sightings from all over the world


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Other Tags: ufo, sightings, disclosure


Adventures & Explorations in Reading, Writing, and Publishing

Owner: amzolt

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: reading, writing, publishing, fiction, books


Baixe Wallpapers, de vários estilos, Games, Filmes, Mulheres, Universo, Séries. Wallpapers| Aliens.. na Net.

Owner: agdamazulao

Listed in: Internet

Other Tags: wallpapers, wallpapers hd, papel de parede, wallpapers movies, baixar papel de parede


The aliens want to eliminate our planet, and blog the process day by day. "Your deformed,.. porn oriented life is over. The time of man is over! (For politicians and brokers: yes, time is.. money, and it means, that you will have losses as well.)&quo

Owner: GergelyMA

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: UFO, Humor, Story, Fun


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Owner: Rajumukherjee

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Gprs speed test, internet speed check, Dsl speed check, Best Mobile Review, Best Prepaid plans

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