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Alternative News subjects updated daily with a source for credibility! We focus on.. illuminati/nwo/ufo/911 etc type subjects.

Owner: killuminatiist

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Other Tags: illuminati, new world order, aliens, area 51, conspiracy


If you can't find it in the news, you'll find it in the Singapore Alternative News!

Owner: Sammi

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Other Tags: singapore, alternative, news, blogs, chio

Follow News, Alternative News, World News and Current Events, Entertainment, Money, Self.. Sufficiency.

Owner: LibertyBalance

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A lighter side look of life in east Texas. The town of Claire is a place where almost anything can.. and does happen. We laugh at the world so others can laugh at us.

Owner: speelunker

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Humor, East Texas, Funny Stories, rednecks


"For people to understand True Freedom you must first show them how they are oppressed."

Owner: Awakening

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: anti war, anti Globalization, anti corruption, anti imperialism

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