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Mocking religion and promoting reason and commonsense one idiot at a time.

Owner: mrapostate

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Other Tags: atheisim, humor, cartoon, comic

Follow is a blog dedicated to answering eternal questions related to origins, God, purpose,.. life, miracles, world religions, atheism, aliens, angels, the Bible, Jesus, science and the.. evolution vs creation debate.

Owner: garethbsimpson

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: creation, evolution, Bible, God


Walking Away is the blog of an ex-Baptist pastor and missionary who walked away from faith, and it.. exists to show that you can too. There are valid alternatives to religion.

Owner: capnjammer

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: atheism, theology, god, faith


A blog about agnosticism and atheism written by a true agnostic.

Owner: Novocains

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Other Tags: atheism, agnosticism, agnostic, religion


Promoting Science, Reason, and Secular Values

Owner: metroatheists

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Athiesm, Science, Religion, Pseudoscience, Politics


The statement, “God exists,” is a precisely stated proposition. Thus, it is either true or.. false. The simple fact is, either God exists or He does not. There is no middle ground.

Owner: katie365

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: God, Faith, Love, Christianity


Advantages and disadvantages of technology, Technology News,new technological developments, the.. articles published blog site .. Dedicated to the readers and authors!

Owner: irfanfahrizal

Listed in: Technology


A blog detailing my life from a good, christian, baptized submissive woman to an atheist feminist.. with a lot to say about my journey away from religion.

Owner: Lulukan64

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Ex-christian, Religion, Prayer, God


Are there intelligent life forms out there in the universe? Well yeah. No one's visited us.. yet. - funny bits and pieces of social commentary...

Owner: Jass_Richards

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: feminist, sports, society


A heavily opinionated blog about the pregnancy and parenting of a first child.

Owner: JillyB106

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: pregnancy, parenting, opinionated

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