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Blog provides relevant and practical information on entrepreneurship, investing and fund raising.. based upon actual experiences of the author and her friends/associates.

Owner: karenchung

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Other Tags: entrepreneurship, fund raising, venture capital, investing, investment banking


This blog shows every average Joe he can achieve great results through working out

Owner: Amir_Schlezinger

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Other Tags: Working out, Training, Losing Weight, Strength, Bulking


"Music with a message, an Artist with a purpose. If you live without moral's, ya life is.. essentially worthless." - Average Joe

Owner: JBD2435

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Other Tags: Hip hop, Unheardof, Cincinnati, Ohio


Average Joes Blog is your ultimate man blog. The latest news and reviews on Gadgets, Sports, Girls,.. Cars, Bikes, Music, Film, Technology and everything cool.

Owner: averagejoe

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Gadgets, Girls, Sports, Cars, Film


A motley crew made up of three guys who are just plain average when it comes to fishing. Within this.. blog you will read about their attempts to outsmart fish but most of the time the fish will outsmart.. them!

Owner: HubbyCoach

Listed in: Outdoors

Other Tags: fishing, fish, trout, bass, outdoors

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