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I am a firm believer that our thoughts affect our lives. If you consistently think negative.. thoughts, then negative things will manifest. Likewise, if you have positive thoughts, then positive.. things will manifest.

Owner: breatheoptimism

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: positive thoughts, motivation, positive thinking, spirituality, mind and body


My blog has funny pictures posted daily, hilarious commentary on current events, and a weekly story.. about something stupid/funny.

Owner: mookie5150

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: funny, pictures, Ron Swanson, WTF, humor


Find out more about how to live a healthier life naturally

Owner: yogini98

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: energy balancing, yoga, breathwork, holistic, alternative


Live your life

Owner: samithadasun

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: life, live, enjoy, relax


LiveBreatheSports will take risks, that’s a guarantee. We will cover what other outlets refuse to.. cover on because they’re afraid of being wrong. Every heartbeat in sports, every breath, right.. here on LiveBreatheSports.

Owner: livebreathesports

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: Sports, Rumors, Baseball, Football, Soccer


Rebreatherpro-Training for all technical diving

Owner: davedagc

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: Rebreather, technical diving


iBreathBad is an oral health blog, where they review different products and find out the best ones.. for most oral health needs.

Owner: ibreathbad

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Oral Health, iBreathbad,


There are plenty of self storage facilities available in NY that can help you clear the clutter from.. your home. Find the most suitable storage facility and make your garage an exclusive parking space.. for your car.

Owner: chris10martin

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: NY CAR STORAGE, storage ny


This blog contains rich, new content in the area of health, wellness, and nutrition. Read easily.. digestible articles that summarize priceless concepts and discoveries made by the modern health.. gurus of the world!

Owner: eatbreathesmile

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: nutrition, food, health, wellness


I am mother to 6 sons. I am wife to a wonderful man. I am daughter and sister to a crazy family. .. Life is full of many moments...

Owner: reebok

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: motherhood, raising boys, abuse, family life, love

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