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Entries about finding forgiveness, healing from trauma and loss, finding purpose, celebrating life,.. moving on, and being in tune with your mission.

Owner: hiyaguha

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Other Tags: Forgiveness, Life purpose, healing from loss and trauma


Everything You’ve Ever Done is the true story of how a rock climber girl and her indie rock boy.. lived with his rare disease until he died -- celebrating life and love until the end. It’s an.. inspirational success story and a love story.

Owner: everythingyouveeverdone

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Rock Climber Chick, Losing a Spouse, Adrenoleukodystrophy, Buddhist Jedi


this fun daily blog celebrates the life of baxter the dachshund and his mom, once stitch and bark at.. a time.

Owner: kalyxcorn

Listed in: Pets

Other Tags: dachshund, doxie, wiener dog

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