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25 year old mother to a handsome six month old baby boy. I have a passion for photography, makeup,.. randomness, being outside, and I'm known for being honest and very blunt! I'm a.. breastfeeding, cloth diapering kind of mom.

Owner: mistymorgan

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Other Tags: produt reviews, free, frugal, babies, green


Bananas Crackers and Nuts is about coloring outside the lines in a world that keeps trying to take.. away your crayons. Many of my viewpoints are rooted in the concepts that change is the only constant.. and paranoid is often just good thinking in disguise

Owner: FredMasey

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: aging, life, older, senior


As The World Changes is a blog focused on the average person. The idea behind this blog was that as.. the world changes, so do we. ATWC features games, jokes, random facts, opinion, news, and helpful.. articles. Come and be entertained and informed. Enjoy!

Owner: johncess

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: games, jokes, opinion, news, helpful


This is an intro to a new life

Owner: lifechanger

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Goals, Mindset, lifestyles, growth


What actors and writers learn has to be current. Changes in how films are made effect acting and.. writing, and this isn't covered in classes or books. This blog identifies three of them.

Owner: Scott_Morgan

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: acting, directing, screenwriting


Changes create new feelings and new challenges. We want to be your favorite place to talk about the.. changes that happen in your life. We can do more together. Join us now.

Owner: Penny_Leisch

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: living well, personal development, self-care, personal growth


A concrete way to prevent ED is to make healthy changes in your lifestyle and taking care of any.. health and psychological issues that you are dealing with. Here are some tips to prevent ED.

Owner: inforeyouthroot

Listed in: Health


Providing information and discussion about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole shift, and how to.. prepare for this event

Owner: Earthchanges

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: poleshift, pole shift, eartchanges, earth changes


We make 1031 Exchanges easy to understand, provide background information on 1031 exchanges, the.. basics of exchanges and more.

Owner: 1031matt

Listed in: Real-estate

Other Tags: 1031 exchange, 1031 tax exchange


A blog of interest rate changes for mortgages and home loans, credit cards, personal loans and.. savings or term deposit accounts. Commentary on various banks and interest rate decisions

Owner: thinktank

Listed in: Finance

Other Tags: interest rate change, interest rates, credit card interest, home loan rates, term deposit rates

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